Three prophets’ encouragement (GPS #53)

For readers’ information here are points that caught my attention in these prophets’ words (underscore added), but be sure to read in full via sub-headers:

Wanda Alger : Will We Cave Into Corruption or Remain Fixed In Our Faith?

“…The ongoing corruption and generational iniquities in high places of government has reached the tipping point. It is heaven’s determination that the wicked shall no longer rule over the land allotted to the righteous (Psalm 125:3). The zeal of the Lord has been kindled from heaven’s throne and we cannot cave in to circumstances or be distracted by doubts. I feel the indignation of the Lord, and God will no longer be mocked or allow His laws to be trampled. His sovereignty and dominion has been blatantly subverted and the prayers of the saints and hearts of the humble have stirred Him to action…

“This battle is not about electing a man, but overturning a regime. This is not about the office of the president, but resetting the plumb line of truth. We can no longer waiver between two opinions. We must stand in faith with heaven’s purpose and keep our eyes on the larger goal if we are to discern correctly and pray strategically for heaven’s outcome…

“We don’t need to know heaven’s time table or the details of the operation. We just need to be convinced of the mission and secure in our prayers. The world will continue to pour water on our altars of intercession in hopes of quenching our fire. In the end – it won’t matter. The coming supernatural fire of God will settle, once and for all, who is God. We just need to stay standing and declaring God’s purposes…”

Katie Barker : USA – Do You Believe I Am The Way Maker? (The Elijah List)

“I heard the Lord say, “Watch Me make a way where there appears to be no way. Will you put your trust in Me? Now is the time to rise up in faith, for the battle is Mine. There is a mighty battle taking place over the unfolding of the destiny of the USA, but My people will see that the battle is Mine for I am coming to overturn injustices and to bring justice. I am coming to expose the darkness and to uproot what is evil. What the enemy meant for harm I will turn for good. As the enemy’s plans and schemes are exposed, that will be the very catalyst that propels My plans and purposes. Just like in the time of Esther, where Haman was hung on his own gallows, the plans of the enemy will be exposed and will be the very thing that causes the demise of the enemy’s plans and a rise of My plans and purposes.

“…The outcome of this election has worldwide significance and impact so the spiritual battle surrounding it is great. But this is the hour of the overturning for I have heard the prayers of My people and I am coming to show Myself strong on their behalf. A course-correction will be seen in the nation following My intervention. The day of deliverance is coming, for I will overthrow and overturn the plans of the enemy and relaunch the nation into the greater destiny I have planned for it.”

Christy Johnson : Whose Report Will You Believe? (The Elijah List)

“I have been so encouraged by the story of Jehoshaphat in the past couple of weeks, and I feel it is such a powerful story to stand on for those of us contending for the United States right now. What many perceive as nothing more than a political war, in reality, is a spiritual war for the soul of this nation.

“I believe we are facing the demonic principality of Jezebel herself. She has set up alters upon the nation of America, and we must tear them down. Upon her alters are the sacrifice of the unborn, love of self, lawlessness, disunity, fear and the masking of God’s prophets.

“In recent months, we have witnessed how the spirit of lawlessness has increased, how censorship has become a god unto itself by censoring the voices of many prophets and those shining a light on darkness. We have witnessed the unrepentant celebration of murdering the child in the womb and the increase of disunity – even amongst the Church on social media. Fear has overtaken the hearts of many, and as a result, leaders are running like Elijah into caves for fear of what the masses might say, in the event they speak truth and call down the fire of the Lord upon this demonic principality.

“This is a battle, my friends. Jehoshaphat chose to stand in the face of similar opposition, and his actions give us insight into this time of spiritual warfare…

“…I want to highlight something profound here. The enemy came up by the Pass of Ziz (2 Chron 20) and ended up in the desert of Jeruel. Ziz means “brightness,” and Jeruel means “founded by God.” When I asked the Holy Spirit what this meant, I heard Him whisper, “When My people stand firm, I ensnare the enemy in his own game. Just when the enemy thinks he has won, I will drive him into a place of brightness where he cannot hide. I ensnare him in a place of my own founding; it is an attack and capture.”

May these words encourage, strengthen and bless you my reader.

3 thoughts on “Three prophets’ encouragement (GPS #53)

  1. Back in 2007, my wife and I were praying about the coming 2008 presidential election, when the Lord spoke these words. “The Lord has his trump card!”
    The word meant nothing to us, but like all such words, it went into my journal. Not having a television, we had never heard of Donald Trump, nor at that time, would there be any reason to make that leap.
    Then 9 years later, Donald Trump enters the presidential race, and the prophetic word fell into place, and we went back into intercession mode.
    Since then, we have watched and prayed through the last 4 years of mayhem, as Trump has tried to conduct his presidency against a monstrous campaign of deception designed to delegitimise him. But no matter what, we thought he would still win his second term. But as the results came through, the extent of the voter fraud became obvious and with such media control, it seemed that there was no hope for a fair result.
    So, in the midst of our continuing warfare, the other day we went back to the Lord and asked for fresh clarity. Immediately, the Lord took us back to the word of 2007 and made us examine it more closely.
    The accuracy of that prophetic word was demonstrated back in 2016 when Donald Trump actually won the election, but we had assumed that was all, and hadn’t paid enough attention to the nuances of the actual words.
    The prophecy is about a card game, so is God into gambling? If you know the end from the beginning, I guess not, but He’s certainly into the game.
    If we are talking about cards, then the election of 2016 was God taking a seat at the table and picking up his hand.
    I don’t know much about cards, but one thing is sure, only a fool plays his Trump card at the beginning of a game. A cunning card player keeps the game running as long as possible, with each round taking the stakes higher and higher, till the other players, so sure their hand is an absolute certainty, will bet the house, the car, the watch, their inheritance, all to win the huge pot in the middle of the table.
    But you’ve been concealing the Trump card!
    If the prophecy is accurate, and 2016 demonstrates it is, then it’s clear that despite the last four years, GOD HAS NOT YET PLAYED HIS TRUMP CARD!
    If God is to play his Trump card, then Biden is due to be Trumped, and will end up losing everything he stands for.
    God is raising the stakes and we must not lose heart, but keep hold of what God has revealed of this global battle.
    This is not just about Trump, it’s about the Glory of God on earth.

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