It’s time to penetrate the Darkness – Wanda Alger

This awesome word instantly reminds me of a dread dream of many decades ago that confronted me when I was trapped in the New Age movement. Unlike the fallen entity that masquerades as an angel of light behind which devouring darkness exists, this special vision put a holy fear within me in which I supra-naturally sensed the truth, as in 2 Samuel 22 (my number once again!). May you too be mightily blessed:

Yes, we are experiencing a “gross darkness” that is covering the earth. We are all feeling the effects of ongoing storms of mayhem, dark clouds of corruption, and the shifting shadows of subversion. But, lest you think the darkness is only an indication of the devil’s presence, remember there is One Greater who alone is…


2 thoughts on “It’s time to penetrate the Darkness – Wanda Alger

  1. Yes, I’ve always felt that the greater the darkness the more God’s glory is revealed. I’ve always thought that the fullness of the glory of God will not be totally manifest until the fulness oif evil and darkness has manifested itself. And then all evil will be vanquished.
    Of course, Jesus defeated Satan (all evil) on the Cross, but we also have to be in Christ (fully) in order for all evil to be defeated in our own lives and on the earth. I don’t think we have yet realised our full authority in Christ, for probably a lot of reasons.
    I’m afraid I’m not explaining what I mean very well, but I am not a theologian. But perhaps another way to put it is that unless an infected wound is fully cleaned out and ‘sanitised’ then it will not completely heal. And perhaps Christians are stiill in the process of becoming ‘sanitised’ as it were. Going from one degree of glory to another and so forth. Everything is all there available to us because of and through Jesus, but it would not appear that we are able yet to completely access everything. ‘We see through a glass darkly’.

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