For such a time as this, read ‘The Manual’ – Neil Mackereth

Neil writes to me, “The imminence of a great move of God, followed by the rapid fulfilment of End-Times prophecy, is burgeoning.

“The spirit of lawlessness is prowling around while the silent majority cower in face of the onslaught from “identity” groups that have been infiltrated by vociferous and aggressive anarchists. To be expected, but disturbing nevertheless. We are on the cusp of a new order! I attach one page of recent pondering:”


‘I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, “Make straight the way for the Lord”.’ Isaiah 40:3

(Words repeated by John the Baptist – John 1:23)

We are blessed to live in the most amazing times: Israel is re-established as a Nation; and shaking, sifting and repositioning is in full swing across the globe.

We’re witnessing the preparation for the fulfilment of those Bible prophecies that relate to the End-Times. However, millions of people cannot be bothered to read ‘the manual’.

Furthermore, most people prefer to ignore any guidance on the subject, and even many Christians are not keen on reading anything longer than one side of A4.

So, “in a nutshell”, we are in a “wilderness time” during this pandemic, moving from one set of circumstances to something new. There are both blessing and very difficult times ahead; after which, Jesus will return to defeat His enemies and take His Throne.

In the meantime, should we seek to keep our heads down and say nothing? Certainly not, God has graciously chosen that we should be here “for a time such as this” (Esther 4:14). And as Jesus said: “…. what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour.” (John 12:27).

The time of allowing the wheat and the tares to grow together is about to end: the harvest of separation is imminent. “Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out.” (John 12:31) Time is very short!

Choices – Imminent Blessing and Imminent Danger

A mighty move of the Holy Spirit is coming: an unprecedented revival that will be of a magnitude and design that the world has never seen before. It will be the last opportunity to repent and follow Jesus.

This revival will infuriate Satan who will “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” (Shakespeare – Julius Caesar). We will enter a period of great chaos and confusion, danger and despair (as in the Days of Noah). Many will crave order and leadership, albeit still on their own terms, which the Anti-Christ will then seem to provide.

Prevailing Conditions – from my readings of End-Times scripture over the years:

I couldn’t envisage conditions where a New World Order would be welcomed – Now I can!

I couldn’t see how it would be possible to introduce a “one world” Government – Now I can!

I couldn’t see how it would be possible to introduce a global economic system – Now I can!

I couldn’t see how it would be possible to introduce a “one world” religion – Now I can!

I couldn’t see how it would seem sensible to take mark on hand or forehead – Now I can!

Read ‘The Manual’ –  Watch and Pray

The signs converge, the culmination is nigh. Watch for talk of a New World Order, watch for a worldwide roll-out of a vaccine, watch for an expansion of world financial controls, watch for moves to unify religions, watch for even greater disapprobation against Israel. Read End-Times scripture.

Pray for hidden things to be revealed. Remember that all things that are foretold in the Word of God will be fulfilled.

Pray in line with God’s purposes and for the maximum number possible to be saved out of the Tribulation.

Pray for a mighty awakening.

Neil Mackereth, 2nd July 2020

RB: ‘The Manual’ is also known as, ‘Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth’!

4 thoughts on “For such a time as this, read ‘The Manual’ – Neil Mackereth

  1. This all makes sense – except I cant see how religions could be unified. How could they possibly unify religions..unless the members make huge compromises and actually go against their beliefs…and that is probably so for most religions, not just Chistianity. Unless perhaps through force? Or would people who are not adherents of a particular religion, join a unified one? What about die-hard atheists?
    Have you any ideas about this? What it would almost certainly would mean, I imagine, is that those who want to stick resolutely to their own beliefs would quite likely get into all kinds of trouble from the authorities…rather like the situation in China. I suppose that a one world religion would make power complete for a one world government.

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    • Thank you for your insightful comments. I, too, was sceptical about how a one world religion could come about. However, I have been surprised by what the Pope has been saying over the last year or two. I found it helpful to use a search engine (Google, Microsoft Edge or such like) and put in: The Pope on one world religion (or something similar). Of course, we need to be very cautious because there are many people broadcasting fake news and conspiracy theories. The only truly reliable source of information is the Bible and Revelation 13: 11-18 says there will be a second “beast” (also known as The False Prophet) who will seek to make everyone worship the first beast (the Anti-Christ). 80% of Bible prophecy has been accurately fulfilled so I am convinced the last 20% (future) will be fulfilled.
      As to atheists, Satan seeks to overthrow Jesus and His followers, I don’t think atheists cause him any concern. My endeavours are aimed at encouraging awareness of the Word of God that we may be prepared and take appropriate action as End Times prophecies are fulfilled. Blessings, Neil

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      • Thank you for your reply…I will Googe the Pope and one world religion. As you say, one does have to be very cautious..especially since things can be slanted and taken out od context. I tend to take a lot of things with a pinch of salt and see which way the wind is blowing as it were. But trying to keep my eyes open at the same time and be prepared.
        Do you think though that worshipping the first beast would actually be a religion as such? I’m thinking that Roman Emperors were more or less worshipped or regarded at least, as gods. Whether or not people actually THOUGHT they were gods I don’t know. M ight be inteesting to look into. The other thing is that I have noticed that dictators always seem to have huge pictures and posters of themselves everywhere…almost like they should be worshipped. They certainly must be obeyed or else! So I am wondering if this one world religion would be more of a dictatorship with forced obeisance…that is the leader would be treated as a god even perforce, but nor necessarily believed to be one. Of course, I am sure there will be dark spiritual forces behind whatever transpires.

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