‘The Blaze of Transition’ by Servant Robin

Writing three weeks ago today on an urgent directive word for the global Church, I saw it as one item in the 47th set of prophetical ‘signals’ or ‘jigsaw pieces’ that began falling into place a fortnight earlier. Their commonality was prophetic material of 2016 and the state of churches, and a 5th ‘piece’ was received that very day. 

It was also the day when Robin Jeged-Brimson, leader of the Inter-Prophetic Apostolic Alliance, emailed me an announcement about his new book encapsulating and updating his previous works. However, I wasn’t able to read his attachments until this week. Then I spotted reference to Isaiah 50:4, which had confirmed my understanding of the Bride of Christ’s resurrection at Pentecost.

Today, I noted Robin’s reference to 2011 in connection with his book’s origin – and I had to take a double-check!!

You see, last night I’d told the pastor of Catch The Fire’s cyber-church in Farnborough of the significance of 1st September 2011 for the Kingdom of God – as prophetically mused by Bill Johnson – which ‘coincided’ with my dream of seeing The Kingdom being set up in the UK, as told in Father, Let Your Kingdom Come!  Also yesterday, one of the Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival posted a similar dream in which aircraft are a main feature! 

To whet your appetite, here’s most of the Preface to Robin’s book:

‘As we approached the start of 2020, it began to be obvious that this would be a year like no other. A year of preparation for an epoch-making decade. A year of restoration of 20-20 vision. Clear site (sic) restored as to “What season we are in and what The Church of JESUS ought to do” (1Chronicles 12:32)

Hardly had we completed January when one’s personal plans to travel began to be aborted. My plans to travel to engage in a prophetic action in 5 key Nigerian cities as well as to continue building and establishing the Nigeria Academy of Prophetic & Apostolic Reform (NAPAR) was put on hold. Then a few weeks later, The LORD asked me to pull the plug on our annual conference “GLORY FEAST” scheduled for early April. “Ah ah . .. what’s up?” I asked myself, yet I knew the Voice of The MASTER, He was very clearly asking me to put plans on hold. Then some of our faithful intercessors began to receive prophetic words, “Robin, you are to rest in this season, to recuperate and build strength for the time to come”. It was becoming clear He wanted me to be on a semi-sabbatical. I was still in this period of divinely orchestrated, ‘self-imposed lock-down’ when in early March the world woke up to what would quickly turn into a global pandemic knocking at its doors!

By this time, The LORD had begun to give a major outcome and de-facto reason for His permitting this virulent plague to come at this time; HIT THE CHURCH & MINISTRY RE-SET BUTTON. Just like when this is done to temperamental technical equipment resetting a device to its default ‘factory settings’ so also The LORD would use this to call us back to the ‘divine settings’. Then when the re-set period is over, we would move forward again; but this time, due to the newly installed restored settings we would progress with a far greater ‘grace inspired’ speed!

In terms of hitting the reset button personally, two things had already emerged in the time from January to February ending. I call these truths and paradigms that The SPIRIT is restoring to His Church in this hour, ‘transitional revelatory keys’. The first of these reinstated in my personal lockdown period stemmed from my dis-obedience (by virtue of inaction) in establishing discipleship mentoring programs for those called to apostolic and prophetic ministry. The second one was the need for a much clearer definition and administration of the membership of the apostolic family I had been called to lead. Soon after this a third ‘key’ was restored through one of our ‘IPAA core team’ online gatherings. Sid Cordle, (leader of the CPA, England’s only Christian Political Party) alluded to the fact that as an apostolic body we ought to be linking with other apostolic bodies. Wow! So simple, yet so profound! This was Ezekiel 1 and Ephesians 4:3,13&16 all in action all at the same time! (We will look at all of these keys in greater depth in Chapter 9)

By this time, it was abundantly clear that this lockdown was going to be used as GOD’s way of getting our attention. We had all become too busy with our own schedules and running our own races! We needed to STOP, WAIT AND LISTEN.

Moving forwards with my narrative; a few weeks into the lock-down period after the global outbreak of the corona virus, on The LORD’s prompting, IPAA held a video conference. But to this meeting we specifically called on leaders from other apostolic streams and networks to join us. As we met, it quickly emerged that the key statements from leaders around the globe all pointed in the same direction: –


Here is a selection of the individual words: –
‘I got so tired of the box the church was putting me in that I decided to close it’ (The LORD) .. .. this is that time . . the LORD is in the process of dismantling structures; something is happening now in terms of the church being activated into the new”
– Simon Braker, Leicester

“A new sound is coming ..I heard angels .. they got into order like an army . .rows and rows . . a sound rose up . . an apostolic sound .. ‘COME LORD JESUS’ !! then JESUS stood up and .. he had been waiting for the apostolic sound..“The LORD is arisen let all flesh be silent (Zechariah)” – Stuart Wentworth (Core Team Member IPAA)

“He gave me Isaiah 50 vs 4 .. a new sound is coming .. new tongues for a new sound . . He is adding weight and kabod to our mouth . . He showed me the globe and said as I visited Eli’s church in Shiloh so I will visit My church globally . . I am raising a new set of ministers “ – Johnson Akinfenwa, Joshua Generation, IPAA

“In the summer of 2019 I saw church buildings closed down; He must first uncover the church before it can be recovered “ – Bukky Cordle, (Core Team Member IPAA)

= = = = 

Phil Anderson, a prophet in Aberdeen also shared separately, “The church has been in lock down before – in Acts 1! What transpired was key to Pentecost, we must be ready . . new foundations and new ways of building. .”

So very clearly, The LORD was calling His Church to a new level of ministry. But all these statements begged the question, “WHAT IS THE OLD? WHAT IS THE NEW? HOW DO WE DEFINE IT, GIVE FLESH TO IT?”

For, without being able to grasp and elucidate the correct answer to these questions we would inevitably (despite our best intentions) revert to the old. It was essential for prophets and apostles to give a clear response to the rest of the church of The LORD JESUS.

As I pondered the answer to this, my mind went back to ‘TRANSITION’ a book written in 2011, nearly 10 years ago. How The LORD was longing for His Church to catch up with and be abreast of what The SPIRIT was doing and demanding from her for the ‘now’. For every generation of the Church there are keys given to her to be a “habitation of ..The SPIRIT” (Ephesians 2:22), to steward the moves of GOD given for that period. But without access to and an understanding of these keys the church would be lifeless and unable to be the light she is called to be. Without the keys she would not serve the purposes of GOD for her generation. (Acts 13:36)

Seven years after ‘TRANSITION’, it was updated with a sequel, ‘APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC FIRES’. In this the essential role of these two foundational ministries for the moves of GOD across the nations is highlighted. 

In this, the third in this trilogy of books, we add content about discerning the times, the further restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministries, as well as extend our list of ‘revelatory transitional keys’.

= = = = .

As of the time of writing, church buildings are in lock-down, movement is restricted, and all large gatherings are prohibited; but make no mistake – a most powerful underground force is being amassed! A humongous tsunami of the grace and favour of GOD is building in the most powerful institution the world has ever known – the Triumphant Church of The LORD JESUS CHRIST! And with the lifting of the restrictions of movement and meeting it is about to manifest as unquenchable blazes of a new move of GOD….

Our prayer is for these spiritual blazes spread faster than the virus, may they be contagious, may there be no vaccination against them, may they be the “BLAZING FIRES OF TRANSITION” we have all longed and prayed for, for decades! And last but not last, may we as a global church be prepared! This book is written in the hope that it will play a part in ensuring our wineskins are ready and set for the blazes to come.

Servant Robin
May 8th 2020

8 thoughts on “‘The Blaze of Transition’ by Servant Robin

  1. Hi Richard, am very humbled that you would devote a whole post to sharing about our book, “The BLAZE…” ! Thanks ever so much! After (hopefuly!) whetting everybody’s appetites I hope it will be OK to leave a link via amazon for the book here .. 🙂 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blaze-Transition-Robin-Jegede-Brimson/dp/B087HC34MD/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3L2LIH657B3VU&dchild=1&keywords=jegede+brimson&qid=1591367469&sprefix=jegede+brim%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-1

    I am also very EXCITED about an event we have on tomorrow 6th of June! BIRTHING THE PROPHETIC WORD TO THE CHURCH IN 20+ NATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE! …

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    • Sid, the linkage of events in 2011 is between Robin writing his first book and Bill Johnson’s prophecy, plus my dream and the coincidental timing of my getting around to blogging on the new book. Had I been able to do so sooner then the God-incidental link with CTF pastor would not have occurred. Little wonder I get excited about how the Lord “moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform”!


  2. I have read this book and found it both encouraging and inspiring. It also has very good definitions and descriptions of the roles of apostles and prophets and the necessary part they should play as part of the five-fold ministry.

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