Hiding – Trevor Roff

Trevor Roff, a friend at church circulated a brief message of encouragement and kindly permits me to republish it, and sent me the two earlier ones penned after the contagion came. So I’m publishing all three as ‘medicinal meditation’ over this long- weekend. May the Lord bless you thoroughly and saturate you in His Spirit:


When small children feel afraid or when they are playing tag, their strong temptation is to run away and hide. The chaser becomes the enemy, and the threat from the pursuer becomes increasingly menacing the longer the chase continues. After a time, the danger increases in the children’s minds to the point where discovery is terrifying and is to be avoided at all costs.

We adults are living in such a time today. Coronavirus has taken such a hold in our collective consciousness that our primary response to its threat is one of panic and fear. We stay in our homes not only to protect others from catching the disease but from our own inner fear that we might also become victims.

But God knows exactly how we are feeling. When King David was feeling scared he cried out, “Hide me in the shadow of your wings,” (Psalm 17 v 8).

If you are like me you cannot prevent a shadow of fear flit through your thoughts as to the likelihood of your succumbing to the disease, especially if, like me, you are over 70 or have a history of cancer or some equally dangerous condition. Your first thought is to run away, to hide, even if it is only the comfort and safety of your own home, where you try to avoid any contact with the outside world! 

But later in his life, David had grown in his faith and could cry out with confidence in Psalm 27 v 5: “He will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent.” David has grown in his faith and now states as a fact that God will protect him from the dangers he faces. That is God’s desire for us too, that we will grow in confidence to firmly trust that God will see us through this ‘deadly pestilence.’

Not only that, God does more to console and strengthen David, as the verse continues, “He will lift me high upon a rock.” Our heavenly father longs not only to protect us, but to also give us the faith to believe that He will not only see us through the storms ahead, but also make us beacons of faith and confidence to those around us. If we are willing, he will enable us to be witnesses of God’s saving power. And we can help our friends and neighbours to see beyond this monstrous pandemic to the One who has power over life and death and is inviting us to trust him for the future, wherever it may lead us.

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