Jesus Christ’s identity hidden in the Bible’s opening sentence

We continue the previous post’s conclusion drawn from Jonathan Hill’s thesis with this startling discovery:


In Appendix I (pages 202-203) on the meaning of number 37 and its palindromic partner 73, Jonathan says both form the numerical value for the fundamental Hebrew word ‘wisdom’. He tells how this pair play a role in a multiplication, the result being the precise number of the Hebrew for the creation verse of Genesis 1:1. He goes on to relate this to 666 and a diagrammatic representation, which he interprets as meaning:

‘This transformation represents the dispensational truth that at the second coming of Christ, the dominant spiritual hierarchy of the world changes from 666, the number of the ‘beast’, to 12 – the governmental number of Israel. All this information including this powerful intervention of God is elegantly and visually encoded in the first verse of the Bible.’

This claim continues by divulging this astounding mystery:

Furthermore, this relates to Jesus’ Crucifixion Described Within the Holy Name of God, published on Good Friday, to which my American reader Tim Shey submitted this most instructive video:

REVELATION 1:8, 11 – 21:6 – 22:13

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” (NKJV,


If you’ve yet to read my overview of Jonathan’s book Unlocking the Sign Miracles of John go to Astonishing Mathematics Within Genesis 1.1 & John 1.1, and continue for more details at Amazing Geometrical Symmetry of Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Christ’s identity hidden in the Bible’s opening sentence

  1. Frank Sui commented as follows on my personal Facebook verson:

    “Richard I would seriously discourage you from getting into this. It’s hype over nothing.
    In Hebrew the syntax “et” (את) is called a definite direct object. a very common and important syntax in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew. When referring to not just an object and not just the object, but ‘this particular one’ of a direct object, the syntax “et/את” must be used to introduce this direct object. For example:
    Indirect object:
    House (or “a house”) – בית/bayit.
    Direct object:
    The house – הבית/ha-bayit.
    Definite direct object:
    “I like my house.”
    אני אוהב ’את‘ הבית שלי.
    Ani ohev ‘et’ ha-bayit sheli.
    The syntax “et” must be added here before “the house” (of mine). It’s a very important and common syntax.
    Another example:
    “I know Richard Barker.”
    אני מכיר ’את‘ ריצ׳רד ברקר.
    Ani makir ‘et’ Richard Barker.
    (Because there can be many Richard Barkers in the world and without it it can just mean “I know a Richard Barker.”) It has nothing to do with Jesus, i.e. “I know Jesus Christ Richard Barker.”
    So there is no hyper-spiritual meaning behind this syntax. It just happens to be the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Revelation was written in Greek. When Jesus said “I am the alpha and omega” He was simply using the Greek alphabet order as an analogy to say he’s the beginning and the end. Nothing more than that. The revelation of Jesus being “the beginning and the end” is what we want to focus on, not whatever mystery we can dig out of the alphabet.”

    I thanked Frank and replied, “Not so sure your point entirely invalidates the conclusion the video makes in connection with those letters being symbolic of the crucifixion.”


    • A few days later after Frank queried part of my reply, I further wrote:

      “My basic intro to Hebrew (and haven’t gone further, much as would like to) is Steve Maltz’s book ‘God’s Signature’. He starts by telling how it began in the crude pictograph, symbolical proto-Canaanite alphabet, which then developed into Phoenician-Old Hebrew. He gives a few examples of the connection between original letters and modern Hebrew, but not a full comparable listing.

      “In view of your helpful remarks (which I’ve copied over to the blog’s comments) I’d be interested in the original symbols for aleph and tav for checking the accompanying video’s concluding claim about them. As the first scriptural example of the ‘definite direct object’ it thus carries some clout, in my humble opinion.”


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