Visions of 7-headed serpent attack upon the PM – ‘Isaac’ era coming to birth in UK

Upon preparing the following material from Veronika I recall Revelation 12, the opening verses foretell a great sign appearing in the heavens that came to pass three years ago (as blogged here – another number ‘22‘):

And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. [‘The Woman, the Child, the Dragon’ NKJV ]

Yesterday, 8th April, Veronika messaged me as follows: 

‘…the Lord quickened to me the word I gave about an ISSAC ERA BEING BIRTHED IN THE UK…I believe the following word is confirmation of what is unfolding right now in the realm of the Spirit with our Prime Minister in ICU. We must continue to war in the Spirit THE PROMISED ERA IS CROWNING…! (as told in) The Isaac Era Has Begun.

‘I was given a sober caution; the serpent spirit circles waiting for the birthing of Issac to take place… We must become one voice calling upon the power and authority of the Captain of Angels’ armies as this battle rages in the realm of the Spirit. As eagles we must be seeking step-by-step strategy moving forward as these are dangerous days concerning the birthright and destiny of our nation!’

See her warning in The 7-headed Serpent Spirit and Counterfeit Fire and Winds.

‘Someone just sent Jennifer LeClaire Video concerning BJ to me?! A prayer meeting was held yesterday and a man saw a 7-headed serpent spirit!! I found it a powerful confirmation:

[I haven’t yet run the full video, just opening minutes but noted the featured American prophet also quotes Rev 12, which I knew to use as the opening for this blog. Also, he visually discerned the severe attack is a demonic ‘hornet’ reaction against Brexit.]

ALSO this morning, again by virtue of 2 Corinthians 13:1 – ‘By the word of two or three witnesses every word shall be established’ – Rick Davies posted this today on Prophetic Releases for UK Revival group, and is republished with permission.:

But God

‘At roughly 12:30am, I was awake, and hearing to pray for PM Boris Johnson I began to pray in tongues, and I saw in the Spirit a snake rearing up to attack him. It looked something like the pictures of Nessie with its long body like Nessie’s neck and the head at the top. I heard to stop it. I came against this serpent, and commanded it to die and stop, and it did. I saw the snake fall.
‘Then I heard “7-headed serpent.” And as soon as I heard that, I saw a second snake body/head appear like the first. I dealt with it like the first, and saw it fall out of my sight, dead.
‘Then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh snake heads in turn, and I dealt with them all the same until all 7 heads were killed.
‘I then saw a tail of this 7-headed serpent arise, and it was like the tail of a scorpion. I quickly cut it off with a sword. Then I drove the sword into the larger body of this beast to make sure the whole of it was dead, and it was.
‘And Boris was saved and protected against this attack.
‘Then at 3:30am, I was awake, and heard, “Boris is fine”, and I heard cheering and rejoicing of many people.
‘I continue to pray for PM Johnson in tongues, and in the understanding as Holy Spirit leads.
‘Concerning the 7-headed serpent I saw, I wondered about the significance, of it being 7-headed. usually the number 7 means completion. From what I am hearing and sensing, it represents the complete onslaught against Mr Johnson. The “strikes” against him came quickly one after the other, relentlessly. BUT GOD!

‘Our God has defeated the coronavirus in him, and has set him free from this attack of our enemy, and I declare this in Jesus’s name!

‘I also declare in Jesus’ name that Boris will come out of this a changed man, changed by the power and mercy and grace of our good Father God, and His Son Jesus of Nazareth! Amen!’
Rather than post this as soon as possible yesterday I wanted to wait and assess the accuracy of Rick’s claim for the actual timing of what is seen in the spiritual realm is not easily discerned. That is, what Rick heard about the PM’s condition doesn’t necessarily mean that was the state-of-play at that same time in hospital but, in my humble opinion as a reporter rather than the player-prayer, it was an acknowledgement of the result of prayers and prophesying the news of his recovery.  It will be most interesting to note whether or not there’s any relapse as the virus reactivates or mutates, as happens for many seriously suffering this contagion.

I delayed publication yesterday as Veronika’s PS to previous on a 21 days prayer cover was priority. So I was pleased to learn that evening that the PM is progressing well and been able to sit up in bed.

6 thoughts on “Visions of 7-headed serpent attack upon the PM – ‘Isaac’ era coming to birth in UK

  1. Dear Richard

    Have attempted to post on your facebook page re this article & linking back to the St George gold coin we looked at last month – the one you encouraged me to share last month

    Have absolutely no idea how to copy the picture from email attachement to facebook but attach it here if you wish to do so.

    St Patrick’s feast day is 17th March & St George is 23rd April.

    Hope it helps the prayer push!

    There have been a couple of good posts re this Passover & the angels of the Lord preparing to advance on the Elijah List in the last 2 days – will fwd them. after sending this

    Shalom, love & prayer Elaine


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  2. I would recommend the video above the Open Vision about Boris Johnson. The prophet is not American; but from Africa and spends a lot of time in the UK.
    He suggests that the enemy was trying to take Boris out so that Brexit will be revoked. He says the lion of Great Britain is about to roar again; that Christian activity has greatly declined since the EU began.
    The enemy is worried that when GB leaves because we are a Christian nation and a leadership nation many will follow our lead out of the EU and into revival! Def worth a watch. And of course the veracity of the word confirmed by our own Veronica West!

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