Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 – further reading on CCP’s cover-up

Re my coverage of Tomi Arayomi’s video ‘The Biggest Lie You Never Heard’, any readers wanting further reading on the Chinese Communist Party’s historic cover-up may like to consider carefully an item I read a few weeks ago from Technocracy News & Trends, and one just in from the Gatestone Institute, both replete with links to source material:

3 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 – further reading on CCP’s cover-up

  1. My Lord, if this is correct we are presently battling the greatest act of terrorism the world has faced. A truly sobering report. Thank God we have a Saviour who is not loved by the wisdom of men or their plans for this world. He sits in the heavens and laughs them to scorn. And then, turns all that the enemy meant for harm to good. We have long prayed for the world to seek the Lord, and sometimes despaired of how they ever would. This truly dreadful attack was meant to destroy lives, and has in many families, but leads us to see our security cannot rest in earthly powers, but in the Lord, our anchor and our saviour. I repeat the phrase from many stickers, Thank God For Jesus!

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  2. A demonic act of the worst kind which is affecting the whole world. China has a lot to answer to. It’s not the 1st time they’ve caused this kind of warfare which is exposed in the article. The lies are astonishing in showing up the number of deaths in China who claimed under 3,000 deaths. There’s a huge difference between 3,000 and over 40,000. The worrying thing is that so many simply do not believe that the virus originated in a Laboratory!


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