Trump refers to a ‘timeline’ to Easter Sunday for reopening

BREAKING NEWS report with press interview:

The following Twitter video reveals how special Easter Sunday is to Donald Trump, and the specific reference to a ‘timeline’ suggests he may be aware of prophecies (eg. here) about the pandemic losing its power by Passover. (thank you Chris Moyler):

[Am rushing this out for information so my apologies for only one prophetic link.]

5 thoughts on “Trump refers to a ‘timeline’ to Easter Sunday for reopening

  1. Trump in that video looks humbled, perhaps it had to happened to him.
    Easter will be a great time for recovery.
    It ties in with what prophets have said here.
    Thanks Richard, life is not the same without a post from you.
    Praise the I AM

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  2. Kia Ora Richard,
    Forgot to pass this on.
    The Lord said.
    “I CAN FIX IT”
    Wasn’t sure what he was referring to at first, but now Trump has spoken it has become obvious.
    “His hand is not shortened that he cannot save”
    Praise the I AM.


  3. Hi Richard,

    As you know, it is my mission to be skeptical of these “prophets”. I kept a record of all prophecies last September and October to see who really had the word of God, and only one foretold of coming disease.

    But now all of the prophets are claiming it is from God, it is not from God, it is a sign, it is not a sign, etc etc.

    To me, most of them seem like frauds. But If the coronavirus threat is over by Passover, then I will admit God’s spirit is moving over these prophets. Let us pray that the researchers who found chloroquine stops the virus did their work carefully and scientifically.

    Craig Laferriere



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