PS to Monday newsmix – Justin Welby on Wuhan pandemic

Thank you ‘unholyjoe’ for providing this link to Anglican Ink buried deep in cyber-space!

Archbishop of Canterbury Message on Wuhan Virus Pandemic

Published 14th March, in my humble opinion, it’s full of pastoral pleasantries but lacks  any spiritual leadership whatsoever on behalf of the UK. Little wonder journalist Heffer nor myself could find it (I tried for ‘Welby national prayer call’ – but too simplistic!) 

5 thoughts on “PS to Monday newsmix – Justin Welby on Wuhan pandemic

  1. Richard, I don’t think it’s helpful at this time to publicly criticise the leader of the Anglican church!

    Revd Rosemary Ashley

    Rector, Charlton Musgrove, Cucklington & Stoke Trister with Bayford

    ‘It is love alone that gives worth to all things’ Teresa of Avila



    • I well appreciate your concern Rosemary and have refrained from criticism for a long time, especially in view of how divisions across most denominations turned me against Christians and ended up in New Age and the occult 50 years ago. (Only the Lord’s direct personal intervention rescued me; see ) Also, am always only too well aware of need to obey the Lord on judging others.

      However, the obvious fact remains that many will have noticed the Archbishop’s blatant dereliction of duty! Or is he too suffering from this pestilence?

      Moreover, one of my Fb readers has already contacted the Archbishop about this serious matter, only to be told he’s too busy!! Also, others have written direct to both archbishops requesting a national prayer and fasting day this weekend.

      So the question remains unanswered: why has another country’s politician called for national prayers but absolutely nobody in supposedly spiritual authority in UK has bothered yet?

      Prayer proved effective in World War II, so why not call for it now?

      [For sale of privacy, have deleted your phone details]


    • Please accept my apologies Rosemary for as you probably know, there is news at last – but a pity it still gets buried and not prominently promulgated. Nevertheless and after experiencing and learning of others’ personal issues with CoE, it is most encouraging to see churches now working closely.


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