Leisa Ebere: the UK’s four years of transition

‘Dear Richard, This is a dream about the UK the Lord gave me over the weekend. The Lord showed me that the UK is in tremendous transition and that we need to be declaring and praying for the next four years, so that the Prophetic horseman can emerge, and ride across the nation, and rally the people to rise up and take their positions of authority, so that the UK can fulfill its God-given destiny!


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th January 2020

‘I had a dream and I was standing on the stone steps of the fortress of the Lord, and I looked a far distance and saw an iced-over body of water, and I saw that the UK was trapped under the ice. Then Jesus walked out of the door of the fortress and He took my hand, and I said to Him, “Jesus, can you not free the UK from that dark, cold place?” He then looked at me with compassion in His eyes, and said:

“Dear daughter of Zion, we must wait for spring before the ice can thaw, for it is not yet time for the bringing forth of that nation.”

‘We then walked closer to the iced-over body of water, hand in hand, and I was able to see that there were cracks in the ice and that fisherman were sitting and fishing through holes in the ice, and that some were able to catch some fish from the ice holes there. And then Jesus said:

“Be not distressed little one, for there are men and women of our Kingdom who are able to bring those struggling in that dark place to safety, despite the harsh conditions. And four years of transition shall come to pass by My Spirit and will impact the government of the UK, before fire will start to melt the ice and this nation starts to rise to assume its God-given destiny. And nations directly connected to the UK will also be reached from underneath the ice,” said the Lord. “Angelic hosts, who are my faithful watchers work with appointed saints during this time to keep these nations alive, My Child. The mighty voices of those chosen, will need to be heard these four years as prophetic messengers on fast horses emerge from the ice and rally My People to come into My Presence without hindrance. Then, there shall be a shaping of the nation of the UK, as a transitional apostolic positioning takes place,” declared the Lord.

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

2 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: the UK’s four years of transition

  1. Interesting. Isn’t four years normally about the length of a governmental term of office? Or of the prime minister? Unless something changes that.
    There are going to be some very interesting years ahead. There is so much happening globally in different ways and with God working behind the scenes.

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