Leisa Ebere: an anointing for prophetic code-breaking

Those who are familiar with this blog and my awareness of and occasional reporting on biblical numbers and codes will appreciate this email of Friday from Leisa. She writes,

‘The Lord has shown me that He is raising up Prophets with mighty seer anointings to unlock mysteries, as revealed by the power of the Holy Spirit from the Heavenly Realm, and here is the Word He gave me:


given to Leisa Ebere, 13th January 2020

‘I had a dream and the Lord took me back in time, to the year 1948, and He showed me a man called, William Branham. And I asked the Lord, “What are you showing me about this man, Lord?” And He said:

“I used this man to help to lead people into a new depth of understanding for healing, deliverance and restoration: which caused a new architectural design to be released into My Kingdom upon the Earth, and the minds of My sons and daughters were renewed as a ‘Latter Rain Movement’ was released across America.”

‘And then the Lord showed me a room full of telephone operators, connecting party lines through different parts of the country in many nations: as happened back in the post World War 2 era. Then I heard the Lord say:

“I am about to release another great move of My Spirit, where hearts and minds will be illuminated by My truth. But there is a ‘disconnect’ to the things of My Spirit at this present time as people want to come into My Presence; yet they are trying to bring in watchers, listeners and influences of the world with them through an inclusion of party line influences, which I cannot permit. These man-pleasers wish to keep the peace by agreeing with sin, and this compromise brings in the legal right of the enemy to block their destiny. Voices from these party lines both curse and distract My people from standing in their places of authority, My Daughter. But fear not,” said the Lord, “For I am bringing in a new supernatural data protection anointing by My Spirit, and My Words shall be encrypted, as My Prophetic peoples around the Earth are then called by My mandate to be My prophetic ‘Code Breakers.’ For the spoilers sent from the enemy shall rush around in confusion as a new day is birthed,” said the Lord, ‘And I shall release a power of the Prophetic like none that has ever been known before.”

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

RB Note:

Interesting that the Lord took Leisa back to the time of my first year and showing her a preacher whom many misunderstood and accused of promoting ‘New Age’ ideas!  Yet I recall renowned prophet Bobby Conner telling about a vision in which he was shocked to see William Branham alongside the Lord Jesus. Bobby protested about his presence but the Lord rebuked Bobby by saying, “He’s My faithful servant!”

Also, having repented of, laid down and died to my ‘old-life’ then it is for the Lord to use and resurrect if He desires what I’ve forgotten. One of those aspects was a fascination with the history of ciphers and codes, as outlined in my personal Bio.

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