Author tells me about watching numerically for Messiah’s Return

In our conversations this week about ‘watching’ our times according to Bible prophecy and his new book Unlocking the Biblical Watch of Messiah’s Return, Jonathan Hill tells me,

“As you know, I’m frequently considering dates and events and looking to discern their biblical relevance, as part of my ministry in the Body of Christ. The dates, which you graciously gave me a while back (of significant events in your life), often come to the surface more often than others! As such please bear with me over the next few paragraphs, as I think these thoughts may be important.

“Has the Body of Christ really considered what exactly the church is looking for in the biblical ‘watch’? Is just being ‘awake’, ‘alert’ and ‘vigilant’ sufficient? The assertion from Jesus to the church at Sardis was to watch because the ‘hour of His return’ is ‘unexpected’ and not revealed on the surface of scripture. They were personally exhorted by Jesus to watch for His return (at the Rapture) otherwise He would come upon them as a thief. The ‘watch’ is therefore more than just about being ‘awake’, ‘alert’ and ‘vigilant’ and specifically about the ‘hour of His return’.

“Revelation 3:3 (NKJV) Remember therefore, how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore, if you will not watch I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you”

“If the biblical ‘watch’ is more than just being ‘awake’, ‘alert’ and ‘vigilant’, what is it? This is the essence of the book ‘Unlocking the Biblical Watch’, because God has embedded (in the Bible) a simple mathematical pattern of triangular and pyramid numbers which perfectly depict God’s interventions across the ages.

“What is extraordinary is that these simple patterns are now appearing with pinpoint accuracy between globally witnessed events, especially those which relate to the transition of power away from the Gentiles in favour of Israel. Nebuchadnezzar’s seven times (Daniel 4:16) is up and currently in transitional closure with a short burst of anti-Christ at the end!

“So, Messiah’s command to watch must not be lightly esteemed. Biblically, the Lord has secrets (Amos 3:7, Daniel 2:22, Daniel 2:28) and scripture encourages (with ‘glory’, see Proverbs 25:2) the revelation of previously concealed truth. As such, all believers should consider the biblical watch. Alongside the spiritual gifts which the Lord has given to His church, let us not neglect that which the Lord has already placed in scripture. After all, spiritual gifts need to be weighed against scripture – not the other way around.

“Let me know what you think, I’d be very interested in your perspective. Above all else, be mightily encouraged in your work.”

I exclaim, “Ace, Jonathan!  Would you allow me to share all or part of your very valuable thoughts?  My reaction is, ‘Bang on!’

“As for the final paragraph’s ‘secrets’, please note a prophecy given me in final para of Why Write/blog? On 21 May 2009, renowned prophecy teacher Isabel Allum walked straight up to Nina and myself and divulged what she discerned of each of us. Of me,

“An impartation like Daniel had is going to come into you and you will start understanding the ‘riddles’ of the Lord in a different way – the gift of interpretation itself, as Daniel and Joseph had, is going to come to you and God is going to open up your understanding to hear from heaven.”

Then I update my author friend, “You may know that I’ve re-run blogs on your previous book and the two ‘escape’ situations as being part of a fulfillment of prophecy? I’ve now re-run my few on ‘watching’ as a lead-in to announcing your latest book, to be followed by its ‘Watch’ updates.”

He responds,

“Yes, I’ve noticed your rerun of earlier blogs, which have been excellent!  Also, very encouraging about your Daniel prophecy – the correlation of ‘understanding’ and ’62’, together with the ‘number of years’ of Daniel 9:2, is fascinating.

“There is more detail in ‘Unlocking the Biblical Watch’ on pages 297 to 300, because the Hebrew gematria of the 120 (itself an important triangular and pyramid number) satraps (see Daniel 6:1) which Darius the Mede sets over his whole kingdom, is ‘2016’ (the 63rd triangular number).

“As confirmation of relevance to the current Body of Christ, remember that Daniel is, in part, a type of the church. Where was Daniel when his three colleagues were ordered into the furnace (stoked up to 7 times its normal heat – Daniel 3:19 – read 7 years tribulation for Israel) by King Nebuchadnezzar?

“Daniel was nowhere to be seen because, in type, Daniel had been raptured before the Tribulation!”

So I cannot wait to get into the book….but it would make a good Christmas present?

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