Prophetic Prayer for boldness for HM Queen Elizabeth

Jennifer LeClaire has published the following word I heard her refer to on Saturday at Dr Sharon Stone’s mentoring Day:

The Servant Queen & the King she serves: book tribute to HM 90th birthdayOn September 13, 2019 at Awakening House of Prayer South London, I saw a vision of a crown rotating. Then I saw a scepter.

I heard the Lord say,

“Pray for Queen Elizabeth to have boldness. She will need to make a bold move. One more bold move.”

With Oct. 31 looming and the difficulties gaining a majority in Parliament over Brexit, could Queen Elizabeth use her Royal Prerogative to determine the fate of the United Kingdom in the context of a European exit?

We did see her offer Royal Assent to a piece of legislation seeking to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union without an exit deal on Oct. 31. Could the 93-year-old monarch be something like a Queen Esther of our time to save a nation? Will she be forced to fire Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he receives a vote of no confidence a refuses to resign? The monarchy has already taken loads of criticism for suspending Parliament at Johnson’s request, but she would likewise have taken loads of criticism if she had denied his request. Could Queen Elizabeth, who has historically remained out of the political fray as constitutional monarch, wield her influence at this critical moment in the nation’s history? While some are speculating about the end of the monarch, could this constitutional crisis reveal the wisdom and authority of the Queen to step in when the government is out of answers?

Given the sensitive nature of this topic, I hesitate to say more. Let’s pray for boldness for our Queen at such a time as this. Let’s pray she finds courage to execute the will of the Lord for the United Kingdom. Pray for boldness.

1 thought on “Prophetic Prayer for boldness for HM Queen Elizabeth

  1. Of course we just don’t know how much influence the Queen has behind the scenes, though she has no choice but to assent to legislation from Parliament. She might thus be an unrecognised Queen Esther! Suspending Parliament is nothing new – usually it passes without comment – but what is new is the the way in which the Speaker has flouted centuries of tradition; if the Queen can be enabled by God’s power to deal with this, how amazing that would be…….


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