Leisa Ebere: The Awakening Prophecy

Leisa emails on Holy Saturday, ‘Here is another Prophetic Word the Lord gave me in the early hours of the morning. I believe the Lord is really driving home the point that we need to totally rely on Him to lead us and prepare us for the Great Awakening of His Body of Believers.’:


“There are small fires burning,” says the Lord. “Many of these lights have bursts of energy; but are quenched as many people in My Body cannot see past the natural world. Such men and women do not incline their ears to hear truth; preferring comfort which they define as peace.

“My People, I have come to split the World asunder, as is written in Isaiah 24; and I shall take the spoils of war. For My Son’s sacrifice brought the kind of peace that requires all mankind to make decisions to walk without compromise; as they walk a new path of righteousness. Can peace be established by earthly means, My Children? I declare to you that such a thing is impossible, for these thoughts and actions only cause distance and blockage; where I cannot move as freely in your lives. The River of God only flows as an outworking of My Spirit and My True Remnant dive into the waters of My making, and live their lives swimming with the tide and flow of these waters. For living in the natural realm is like swimming against the tide of fast-moving waters; and as hard as you try, My People, such a lack of cooperation shall only cause you to miss out on the many blessings I have in store for you.

“Take Courage My People, for prophets are rightly discerning that an Awakening is coming upon the Nations of the Earth. And I say to you that in this hour that sleepers shall arise from places as dark as the darkest night. Some reaching clarity of vision because of pain and others because of isolation and loneliness; but each shall find true comfort and peace as the morning dawn breaks forth a New Day. A Sign of extensive rains and floods shall come before the rising up of these sleepers in the days ahead, as a symbol of the fullness of the outpouring of My Spirit. And I shall touch their foreheads with My Sovereign Hand, and take away their blindness forever,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere, 20th April 2019

6 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: The Awakening Prophecy

  1. It’s interesting that you chose to post this as I have recently been wondering about these prophetic utterances we’ve been discussing this past year. There is a strong temptation to doubt because we do not yet see our deliverance and perhaps because some of these words are false or falsely interpreted – the danger of so much information at our fingertips now, thanks to the internet. If Veronika West is right, then we are essentially “in the tomb” at the moment. Like Lazarus, we died on what should have been Brexit Day. We are despondent and waiting upon the moves of those with more power: God and the enemy. But a resurrection day is coming, when Christ will say, “Lazarus come forth!” If the release comes in the summer (revival and Brexit), then those of us in doubt will have our confirmation and be able to move forward. If it does not, many of us may lose hope.


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