Chris G Bennett on the word brought by Jarrod Cooper

You may have noted the comments about the word Jarrod brought about Brexit, and my reply about 1Cor14 weighing and testing of prophecies to a query on Understanding Prophecy.  I note that Chris Bennett has today posted his careful consideration of its meaning on Facebook, as follows:

‘The Word re a partial Brexit with ties still remaining.:

‘With all respect to Jarrod Cooper, I believe his is a mis-interpreted word. I believe God has revealed to us the enemy’s plans and they have been mis-interpreted. In my mind, I see Numbers 23:19 “God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?

‘There have been so many words from nearly every prophet about God taking the UK right out of the EU. These words were all taken and prayed about, and every one of them was accepted as being Gods Word. Why now would the Lord change His mind. That goes against everything we know of His nature. He has said He is taking us out – so He is taking us out. He is not leaving us part in part out, still entangled and walking round that in/out mountain for years.

‘I believe Jarrod was shown the enemy’s plan to keep us entangled and tied up for years. He is showing us this so we can war against it! We are in a season of great shaking, tearing up from stony ground and replanting in fertile ground.

‘So for this reason I reject this word in this translation. The latter part is spot on but I believe we must pray against the enemy’s plan outlined in the first few lines. Britain will not flourish as God has decreed and planned in that environment. Rather she will slowly wither and die. This is NOT a false prophecy but rather it is a mis-interpreted one which actually reveals the enemy’s plan for us to pray about.

‘I firmly believe God is tearing us OUT of the EU, so we can prosper greatly under HIS mighty hand of blessing.’

6 thoughts on “Chris G Bennett on the word brought by Jarrod Cooper

  1. I pray that God will sever us from the EU and subsequently empower us to reform our constitution, our financial system, our land and property systems, end abortion, and partner with Israel to support her in her time of need. May God raise up British prayers warriors and physical warriors to resist the spirit and armies of the coming Antichrist.

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  2. Yes thank you Richard for posting this – I did comment on Chris post. My friend and I had just had a conversation about Jarrod Coopers post with her saying that it looked like maybe it wouldn’t be a clean break. I said I didn’t understand it because the word had been so clear about totally exit and referred to the women who had been praying for 30 years snipping with the scissors and the Wendy Alec word which all tied in with the more recent words we had had and had said that was why the battle was so fierce to get No Deal off the table. The first thing I saw when I came in was your email and went straight through to Chris’ post. I sent it straight off to her and like me she came straight back with ‘it resonates with me’. And like Chris said its a good word and gives shows us where to take aim and blow it out of the water, so to speak.

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  3. Great to hear this comment on jarrod coopers word. I have been very blessed by jarrods ministry but was troubled by his word. The Lord hasn’t told him that the EU is evil but He has told me and many others that it is evil and we need to get out.
    I am grateful to Chris Bennett and agree that it’s not a false prophecy but a misinterpretation of a true prophecy.

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