Wanda Alger: Holy Fear and Terror of The Lord

Another timely posting from Wanda which reinforces what we’ve just heard from Kevin Zadai on what he learned upon meeting Jesus when he unexpectedly died during a dental procedure (To Heaven and Back), and recalls my terror upon His visitation (as told here).  Also, Wanda’s dream brings to mind Smith-Wiggleworth’s stunning vision.

Given some recent events that are making national headlines, I feel compelled to share a dream I had in 2015 in which I had an open vision of the coming days. The weight of it’s message was clear and I believe we are getting closer and closer to a shift we could never imagine and […]

continue reading at THE FEAR AND TERROR OF THE LORD — wandaalger.me

4 thoughts on “Wanda Alger: Holy Fear and Terror of The Lord

    • Yes indeed Tony. Theutter awe resonating deep in my spirit as I read Wanda’s description is like my memory of having witnessed SW’s prayer partner being astonished, awestruck and speechless upon seeing the same vision SW had.
      Also, the great importance of Psalm 91 and intense love of Father and Son echoes what Kevin Z encountered at first hand.

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