Tomorrow – the First Sunday in Advent – is also ‘New Year’s Day’ for the Church. The following outline of the use of candles during this special period is a fine introduction for anyone unfamiliar with this practice:

Faith Style

advent-wreath-As we are coming to the ‘arrival’ (Adventus) of the festive season with full force, it is so easy to forget what Christmas is about in our busyness, restlessness and buying madness. However, this year, I am going to try something different . I am feeling challenged to understand what Advent means and truly enter into it’s mystery.  I must admit, not having come from a traditional liturgy background, I haven’t really engaged with the whole lighting of candles and the advent Sunday countdown before. However, there is something to be said about the importance of this in the church calendar.

This weekend, I am planning on doing a session for young people in a local church. We will be making Advent Wreath’ s in preparation for the first Advent Sunday . The Wreath represents the eternity and endless love of God and that there is no Alpha or Omega (circular)…

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2 thoughts on “Advent-urous

  1. But whose blog is this? No author given. Very confusing! Or are you really going to make wreath’s (sic) with young people this Sunday Richard?

    Blessings to you – as you are to me,

    Pauline Watford


    • Thank you for your kind comment Pauline. The author’s a relatively new blogger who, presumably, wishes to remain anonymous. On some apparently ‘anon’ blogs I’ve found the author signs their name when replying to comments; so you may like to ask for some details on their About page…


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