Arrival of the ‘latter rain’

This word brought by Lisa Arnold comes courtesy of UK Prophetic Words:


God has started sending his latter rain.

For those who have prepared themselves, positioned themselves, been through the fire of affliction and are still standing, and to those who have a great burden for the lost, time is short. Open your heart to me and open your eyes. I am the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected, come to me and you will live.

It is time to look up, reach out and win the lost! I have just brought you out of your own prison into my glorious light, into a safe spacious place. Now I am sending you out. Stand on Isaiah 61. I have covered you with my cloak of righteousness and set your heart ablaze. I have empowered you from on high!

It is time for you to rise up out of the ashes. I have set you free by my precious blood. It is not all about you, it is all about Jesus! I am the lion from the tribe of Judah. I am roaring over you and breaking every chain so you know who you really are in me. Make me your first love again and set down your idols! Where your heart is, your treasure is. I love you and I long for that intimacy like we once had. I am visiting you in unusual ways, divine encounters with me up close and sending you angels with messages for you.

The latter rain is starting to fall. It will refresh you and give you clear vision and impact your lives. The best is yet to come. The dark long storm is over! The first will be last and the last first! If you bless others I will bless you.. Now go and reap the harvest!. Are you ready? Can you feel your heart burning for the lost? Time is short and the golden bowl that carries the latter rain is tipping over!

Lisa Arnold, 23rd July 2017

RB’s Note: It was amusing to read this word as I’d only just sent G’morning’ message to Nina staying with daughter, saying I’d watered in the greenhouse and it’s just started to rain! Also timely in having seen Sean MaNamara from Coleraine, a Spirit-led evangelist to ‘hard-core’ on housing estates (as here) locally last night who spoke on his calling and ministered to many youngsters with a calling for the lost. AND earlier that day the ‘cornerstone’ featured as the interpretation to a prophetic vision at Acorn service for healing – sooo praise you Lord for this word:

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