Waves of Glory and Mercy about to drop on Britain

Robin Jegede-Brimson, whom I introduced in Developments in the Prophetical #2: South-east England, draws a prophetic community from churches across Kent to meetings in Whitstable. His v-blog (best seen in Chrome browser) and letter are published via Servant Ministries (original kept in view of extensive coding; hence uneven format):


A Prophetic Backdrop of Showers of Mercy on the UK

Dear friends and leaders,
In these few lines permit me to share what one sees happening now and the backdrop to it…
‘Waves of Glory’ Definition:
When the tangible, impacting, refreshing, empowering and releasing presence of The SPIRIT of GOD comes into a gathering of believers with such force and unmistakable clarity that it could be described as a swell of heaven breaking upon us like an outpouring of water.
A) Since 1947 the nation has allowed numerous ungodly laws – the removal of the abolition of witchcraft, pathways to easy divorce and abortion, permitting homosexuality, changing the definition of marriage etc.
B) These ungodly laws have both their natural consequences on us a society but also in certain instances incur the direct intervention of heaven as in Acts 5:5 (discipline in the church), Acts 13:11 (discipline towards those who obstruct the path of the gospel) and Acts 12:23 (dealing with political non Christian leaders who act inappropriately)
C) Since recognising these truths thousands of believers, churches and prophetic intercessors in response to 2Chronicles 7:14 have prayed and fasted and stood in the gap on behalf of our nation and the nations asking for GOD’s mercy. (Ezekiel 22:30)
D) From here we now have these PROPHETIC STREAMS – (I am very grateful to all my colleagues with prophetic ministries whose perspectives have helped tremendously with garnering this database of thought)    

a. We are a nation under judgement and must continue to cry out to GOD for His mercy on our nation and leaders until such a time as this prayer is answered and our appointed leaders lead the society in repentance. So, the pathway of sin – judgement – prayers for mercy – fruit of repentance as with Nineveh under Jonah’s ministry

b. Brexit was a response of the mercy of GOD, His judgement would have been to abandon us to the EU

c. The hand of GOD’s mercy is being released to the nation by visiting the church with outpourings of His mercy, love, compassion and goodness.

d. As the church, His Precious Bride empowered and made beautiful by His SPIRIT & WORD now begins to arise we will meet with the nation currently on its downward spiral at an intersection point in the near future ending the release of evil and depravity in our land.

e. At this intersection point the leaders of the nation joined by numerous public figures will come to a place of repentance (they will “find repentance” – Hebrews 12) and call of themselves for several days of mourning and fasting before The LORD as they recommit the nation back to GOD. It is revealed to me that The Queen will still be alive when this happens.

f. These outpourings of mourning and fasting before The LORD in heartfelt repentance in restoration of our nation and society will be like a fan of fire and flames that will sweep across the whole of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales for several months.

g. From this showing of repentance, I see in The SPIRIT a whole new book being given into an angel scribe as this angel will now begin to write the new book in the annals of history for the UK. I see a realignment in the configuration of the UK in that season, almost like a 5th nation joining us…

h. A new nation will be rebirthed which will reconnect to its great redemptive gifting – the evangelisation of the whole world. As missionaries are released to the uttermost parts of the world for the greatest outpouring of grace and mercy that the world has ever seen the author will be reunited to his call which he left on the shores of Nigeria in 1999 when he came to serve this land.

 (I am interrupted as I pen this message with a need to close my windows as there is a swell outside which lasts 5 minutes)

i. That call is the mobilisation of the west African church for the salvation, healing and deliverance of multitudes in northern Nigeria as well as the turning of goat nations to sheep nations in Western and Northern Africa.

j. But for now, let us return to the subject of glory waves:

Where in the scriptures do we see what we refer to as “glory waves”
2Chronicles 5:14 “the priests could not stand to minister as the glory of GOD came in like a cloud”
Acts 2:1 “suddenly a noise like a rushing wind”
Acts 4 “the whole place where they were was shaken and they were all filled with . . boldness”
Church history across the nations abounds with similar experiences. Revivals and outpourings from the Welsh revival in Moriah Chapel in 1904 to the Babalola revival in Ilesa, Nigeria in 1931.
My Testimony:
In 1996 – 1998 in Ibadan, Nigeria and the then New Covenant Church four times in a gathering of about 150 believers between 6.30 and 7.30am The Presence of GOD suddenly came in, the speakers quickly came from behind the pulpit and everyone else hit the floor prostrate!
In 2008 in Lakeland Florida, though not like a wave but a resident pool this time, over several days the author experienced this dimension of GOD’s glory.
Several times over the intervening years one has discerned the presence of the angels that usher in this level of glory at a meeting. But, sadly those conducting the meeting at the time have not been discerning enough to permit this to happen.
There are massive warrior angels who stand with one foot on earth and one in heaven to hold open a portal of grace and mercy to flow from heaven to earth. They literally come in obedience to the mercies of GOD to hold the door between heaven and earth ajar. They respond to and are greatly strengthened by a combination of hunger, obedience and reverence. They are weakened and grieved by sin (in the hearts of leaders), disunity, failure to respond appropriately in giving GOD the glory. They are mortified (and the suddenness of their departure can open the door to the land, place or ministry being cursed) by irreverence and pride.
F)  SUMMER 2017 
  1. At our recent gathering of the Inter Prophetic Alliance on Monday June 24th in Ashburnham Place as we began were about to begin to teach, there was a restraint by The SPIRIT, then suddenly GOD came totally unplanned for and unscheduled in our program in great power and deliverance. This lasted well over an hour. Incidentally, prior to this we had spent all day enjoying the exemplary teaching ministry of Rev Dr & Rev Clifford & Monica Hill of Issachar ministries. (They had left for another assignment before this glory wave)
  2. A minister friend had asked me to bring a team of evangelists to his church Manchester (New Covenant Church, Levenshulme) to train, equip and deploy his people onto the streets over several days. Several in the team were themselves also prophets. As the program ended on Sunday morning with the grace being said, GOD stepped into the service causing a supernatural extension of the meeting for another two hours as people spontaneously lay prostrate on the altar, began to wail before GOD and prophesy.
  3. The LORD spoke to me as I prophesied over a Nigerian signs and wonders evangelist by the name of Gboyega Shitta (Kingdom Power Ministries) several weeks ago about what He is releasing to several ministries at about 12noon on Saturday July 15th (symbolically the middle of the month). Heaven has responded to the cries and prayers of His people and has despatched angels to hold open the portals of heaven for waves of His power to begin to penetrate the earth. Something has shifted and it will no longer be business as usual.
G) Judgements (as opposed to consequences) on church and governmental leaders. 
As the mercies of GOD increase on the nation also expect the acts of GOD to increase to those who fail to respond to this. The same sun that melts butter also hardens clay. It is a paradox that as multitudes were being saved, experiencing the mercies of GOD and being added to the church in the book of Acts, it also records that no one dared to join them (Acts 5:13) and that they walked in the reverential fear of GOD, believer and pre-believer alike (Acts 2:43 & 5:11) . I say pre-believer because ultimately all will believe when JESUS returns or we face Him in judgement, all will then believe even if it is too late to escape the flames of hell and everlasting torment in the lake of fire. (May GOD spare us and so cause us to live our lives that all we know and are dear to us accept JESUS, amen). August 1st will see the beginning of judgements on those who persecute His bride (Acts 12:23). Please pray for world leaders for repentance, a sword is hanging.
H) In concluding I cannot over emphasise the need for us to be prophetically equipped
and grow in our understanding of how to flow in the now of what GOD is doing. As it turns out we are conducting a training here in Whitstable, Kent on PROPHETIC EQUIPPING on “GOD-incidentally” July 15th!
The Harbour Church, CT5 1AQ
10.30am – 4pm
Suggested donation £15 (covering manual, training and refreshments)
Book your place by emailing events@servantministries.co.uk
Convenor, Inter Prophetic Alliance

Author, “TRANSITION” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transition

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