PRAY for the UK & Nations – March 18th, Plymouth

Click image for Churches Together In Plymouth

Date/Time: Saturday 18th March (9am – 11am)

Venue: Plymouth Christian Centre, Cattedown Roundabout, PL4 9HG.

Overview: An opportunity to pray for the UK and global events. What to expect if you’re able to join us:

  • 9.00am – Coffee/Tea in the Upper Church Hall (follow the signs from the front door);
  • 9.15am – Introduction and Sung Worship
  • 9.30am – Praying for the UK
  • 10.15am – Praying for World Affairs
  • 11.00am – Close

Contact: Ben Kay (07711 998031) or Bryan Pullinger (01503 230187)

Prayer Resources: World Prayer Centre

Summary: With all the current ‘shakings’ in our country and across the globe, this is a great opportunity to ‘stand in the gap’ and pray for God’s sovereign purposes to come to fruition in the UK and other nations.

We will use some of the resources provided by the World Prayer Centre to guide us in our prayers especially in light of the expected triggering of Article 50 in March.

Future Dates:

  • Saturday 13th May
  • Saturday 15th July
  • Saturday 16th September
  • Saturday 11th November

Acknowledgements: Churches Together in Plymouth12am CRY

6 thoughts on “PRAY for the UK & Nations – March 18th, Plymouth

    • Good morning Tony and all being well you’re probably sleeping (unless the Lord awakes you) as we’re 7hrs ahead of Arizona (its 10am here). Ben replied to my query as follows:

      “Sorry, but I have no technical support yet for live streaming – it’s just me with a laptop and a projector in the church hall! (And I must mention that I’m ably supported not only by my wife on the guitar but also by a wonderful couple, Bryan and Jenny…, formerly of the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham who have not only spent years praying for revival but have had the privilege to be in places experiencing revival. It’s a team effort!)

      He also wrote many things especially about the blog he’s hoping to get under way on the Midnight cry and I asked if I could copy extracts to you in view of the most extraordinary timing of our direct, inter-active communication as in this thread. In fact, it’s the best example of the Lord’s ‘GPS’ I’ve experienced to date! (For visitors: GPS = Global Prophecy Signals!)

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