Invitation to visit the revamped Library of Prophecies

After updating this blog’s Library I realised it’s not easy to scan through and read with so much material. So I considered splitting it into several pages, but there’s already a number of sub-pages with more material. Also against splitting is the fact it would hamper an appreciation of the prophetic flow across the years, especially since the Millennium.

Moreover, the nature of prophetical material available from the blog’s menu. (ie other than that which appears on the sequential posts) necessitated the separation of chronological items from reference items under different hubs on the main menu, as though on two floors of a two-storied building.

You are, therefore, warmly invited to visit this blog’s re-arranged

Note the latest addition is a compilation of fulfilled prophecies published on this blog.

Could this re-development be the realisation of a dream?

Some years ago I dreamed of returning to the streets surrounding my primary school and adjacent public park in Edgeley, Stockport.  I found myself taking a flight from the park to the nearby football stadium, from there to the high street taking that main road to head towards my childhood home half a mile away. En-route was the frontage of the park with its small but well-built popular public library, which I loved to explore after school.

The amusing part of the dream was my flying about 20 foot above ground looking right at upstairs windows on houses!  Rather like visiting remotely by Google Maps but closer to earth. So I was above people and traffic…but then I was horrified on spotting what should have been Edgeley Library.

There was an immense, deep rectangular hole in the ground!  And it extends well beyond the building’s boundaries. Yet it’s fascinating because it’s been demolished and excavated out with a fresh concrete raft laid for foundations. What’s more, I see many trucks and a team of builders erecting a brand new and much larger library!

I did wonder what that dream may mean. The original library still exists but my dream is obviously personal and not so much expressing a psychological and spiritual dimension, but foretelling the creation of a cyber-library where anyone can visit without touching the ground, as though flying invisibly via internet!

So why not fly in and visit my Library Hub?

Your contribution is warmly welcome (kindly note caveat in About Comments):

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