2017 “a year of revision” – hear about Holy Spirit falling in the US Congress

JohnK 214_logoA rather unusual, perhaps puzzling, word of prophecy was heard on New Year’s Day. The afternoon of last Sunday 1st January 2017 we joined live streaming for the day’s service at Church of His Presence. Pastor John Kilpatrick joined the worship after 27 minutes saying he’d hoped to have received a word for this year from the Lord on New Years’ Eve, but:

“I was a little discouraged. I was thinking the Lord was going to speak to me on the 31st but He didn’t  – all I got was fireworks!

“But this morning on the way to church I heard the Lord say, This is going to be a year of revision!”

“What He meant by that was, the story that’s already been written is going to be revised. What’s already determined is going to be revised – everything’s going to be rewritten. You can’t go by the old ‘cue cards’, the Holy Ghost is going to be spontaneous in giving you new cue cards.”

John immediately went on to deliver a word of knowledge for someone about something in their life unexpectedly turning around so fast (that may have been for us in view of what happened this week to delay my posting this on Thursday). BUT my mind was engaged upon his preceding claim. Initially, I wondered if it may be inaccurate because the Holy Word of God is sacrosanct and that our Living God doesn’t abrogate His Word (unlike Mohammed’s god) but watches over it to see that it’s performed and doesn’t return to him void. (To watch click here then play video and scroll to 27:00:00 mark.)

Personal Reflection

Yet in my spirit I quickly gained an insight and sensed its fuller meaning.  After all, this is how prophetical material is to be weighed and tested by those who moving in the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:29-32).

However, this minister ordained in the Assemblies of God is thoroughly grounded in and always preaches from the Bible. Moreover, he was blessed by hosting two mighty revivals in the last 20 years – at Brownsville, Florida and Bay of the Holy Spirit, Alabama. AND remember that of the 20 words he brought the previous year for 2016 a most specific one that “nations shall be shaken, but kingdoms shall be jolted” was fulfilled by the ‘Brexit’ vote and Prime Minister’s resignation, and US election resulting in President-elect Trump!!

Furthermore, I recalled Abraham’s discussion with the Lord about his planned destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and that He’s amenable to modifying his action plan depending upon changing circumstances (Gen 18:23-33). Moses had an even stronger tussle with Him and made a good case acceptable to Him for being long-suffering and patient with His people (Num 14:11-24).

Also, John’s interpretation implies not wholesale revision of the Bible but is indicative of a deep change in our understanding of His Word. For example, we don’t have a full grasp of unfulfilled biblical prophecies because there needs to be sufficient flexibility that enables God to mould events and change people in order that they’ll meet His ordained purposes – especially when taking into account the End-time’s increasing anointing in His Bride and the imminent harvest of souls.

It seems to me the Lord’s saying not to be inflexible in understanding and using scripture but forego our intellect’s memo/cue cards and rely much more on the gift of prophecy and revelatory insight under Holy Spirit’s instruction and leading. In particular, we need to get deeper into the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek text with the help of Strong’s exhaustive concordance.

In fact, only the previous week I’d had a personal example of that ‘revisionist’ word as a result of an insight gained from revisiting my covering note to the post on dark matter! But more of that another time…

Guest Speaker

dustinhedrickThis ‘revision’ approach was demonstrated later in Sunday’s service by John’s guest preacher Dustin Hedrick. He based his message upon the tool he’d been given for connecting with and bringing the Kingdom into our mundane activities; ie. on earth as in heaven!  In ably teaching through 2 Peter 1, Dustin used the deeper insights Strong’s gives.

After giving examples of how that can be applied to bring miraculous encounters in Kenya, Dustin explains (from the 2:00:30 mark) how he came to be involved on Capitol Hill and what happened in bringing a move of Holy Spirit at a prayer breakfast for Congress, as briefly reported in Encouraging Revival New from Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Dustin “preached his socks off” and was so deeply affected by what happened during this service, the next day in a short Facebook video recorded in a strong wind outside CHP he reports,

“Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever ministered under that weight of the presence of God – and whatever that was was a game-changer, a level changer, and I’m different inside!

“And I want to tell you God is doing something here and He’s moving again on this planet, not just here but around the world…”

He writes, “We saw what happens with Kingdom in-breaking and I got to minister under the heavy Presence of GOD again. What I wouldn’t do to see my kids get the opportunity to grow up under revival. Thank you to Church of His Presence for making space for GOD to come and entertaining Heaven in your midst”.

Yesterday on Fb video Dustin reflects on Sunday and how God has pressed the ‘reset button’.


Therefore, in my humble opinion we can expect increasing changes internationally as the Lord revises what He’s planning and doing, which will improve our understanding of the Bible.

2 thoughts on “2017 “a year of revision” – hear about Holy Spirit falling in the US Congress

  1. That is extremely interesting, and may answer a question I’ve had for a while. A few years ago I was having one of those (all too rare) properly “in the Spirit” Bible study / prayer sessions, and felt God telling me with unusual clarity that the Church has been getting the interpretation of one particular passage quite wrong. I’m aware that many people have had similar experiences over the same passage and area of doctrine – to the extent that my own minister has scoffed at it as “the revisionist position” – but have wondered whether, if I am right, at some point God is going to correct his church’s formal teaching on the issue at some point (why would he only tell some people, and, I think, largely those with little theological training? although perhaps that’s a question that answers itself, on reflection!)

    Perhaps that’s the kind of thing this prophecy is about. It’ll be interesting to see what this year holds anyway…

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