Encouraging revival news from Capitol Hill, Washington DC

US CapitolHighly encouraging news of spiritual developments in Washington DC was brought during yesterday’s service at Church of His Presence. Revd John Kilpatrick expressed pleasure at hearing a president-elect wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ but dismay over ACLU filing a law suite against a football coach and school county for his praying with his team!

In the archived video at 46 mins mark, listen to John as he reports,

JohnK 214_logo“…It’s amazing when you see how divided the nation is…but I tell you what I’m believing for in the next four years – not because of the President-elect – but I’m believing because we’re now beginning to show signs of turning to God and I’m believing for revival to come to America. Can you shout ‘Amen’?

“…I know a fine young man, I believe has the potential one day to be another Nathan Morris (worldwide English evangelist).

“I was put in contact with him recently…on the telephone…it was exciting talking to him because he was saying, ‘You’ve been my pastor for all these many years, you didn’t even know it, you’ve been my mentor and I was part of the Brownsville Revival’.

“So now he’s working in Washington DC, right on Capitol Hill and so the other day they invited him – well they didn’t really invite him, they demanded him! – because the chaplain couldn’t be there that morning and they had no-one to begin the session in prayer, in Congress.

“So they looked around and couldn’t find anybody and came to him and said, ‘You’re going to lead us in prayer this morning!’ He said, ‘I can’t!’  They said, ‘You’re a minister aren’t you?’ – he said ‘Yes’, so they said, ‘Do what you do!’ – he said, ‘Oh, oh!’.

So he got up there and led in prayer and the Spirit of God fell!

“And he left the podium and went out in Congress and he started praying for the Congress people – and he prayed for Nancy Pelosi…Tears started running down her face and she said, ‘I believe you’re the real deal!’…so how many of you can (now) believe with me for revival for America?”

If you have time, continue watching John briefly speak about ancient wells of revival being opened and then giving words of knowledge Holy Spirit had given him at 5am for a couple of people, whilst blessing the congregation prior to giving their offering.

[Nancy Pelosi is Democratic Party minority leader in the House of Representatives and regarded by many as the most powerful woman in America.]

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