2017 prophetic word and prayer request for UK

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this transcript, to which impressions from the Lord are emphasised and paragraph breaks added for ease of reading in view of its length:


I saw the Lord speak to the land of the UK, and I heard Him say, “There is still yet historical spiritual legacy in the land, that I am going to honour.” And I saw two key areas. And this was on our Queen, Elizabeth. And it was on the Church of England. And the Lord said, “Because of prayers that have been prayed, because of promises and oaths taken, that were fulfilled, because of decisions that were made before Me, there’s a deposit of favour in the land still that I’m going to honour.”

So I heard the Lord say that we, as believers, should pray for the constitution of our Monarch. And that had a double meaning: that we were to pray for her constitution in terms of her governance, in terms of her political government and what God has given her to carry, and to do. Because there’s a role that takes place there. And then secondly that we were to pray for her constitution in terms of her health and her strength; that if we will pray, there will be a supernatural impartation to enable her to hold her place a little bit longer than is anticipated or expected. Because she’s still holding ground in the spirit, and it’s important and significant, but it is the prayers of the saints that are going to keep that there.

And then secondly, I saw a branch of revival coming through a branch of the Church of England. Not the whole thing, there’s a branch of it. And it’s coming strong, and it’s coming steady, and it will build significantly this year. And I saw that in some of the major cities in our country, Cathedrals would be filled once again. And the old church buildings will be filled with the sound of worship.

And these places will be empowered with acts of service again that this church denomination was once renowned for. There’s an activation in this stream, there’s a mobilization in this stream. And I felt like these churches would come into the heart of community activities once again, they would come into even places of government and influence for the good of the whole communities in which they serve.

And I felt like the Lord was saying to the rest of the brothers and sisters around these communities to support what the spirit of God is doing through these churches, put down some of your theological barriers and some of your ‘oh they’re just the religious lot, we don’t really deal with them’, that type of thing, put that down and support and serve because it was Him, and He was mobilizing a sense of revival through this stream.
Wisdom and Counsel will be found in these churches for many. I saw many going, like they used to, and say: “I have questions, I don’t understand, my marriage is falling apart, my business is falling down the tubes, I’m going to go and find the vicar.” And that coming back into our land, and that it was a healthy thing.

So, I’m prophesying that bit that I’ve seen, not because God’s not going to move dramatically , dynamically into all the other church streams across the nation, that’s just the bit that I see, and it’s not a stream that I’m a part of.

You know how you would see a map, and then you would see the hotspots on a map? That’s how I saw some of these places. And I saw some within nearly all the major cities: Manchester, London, Liverpool, all the big strategic cities that these branches are coming out from. But I also saw, all along the South East coast there was just lots and lots of hotspots that were being planted out from these streams. And God was putting a spiritual guard on that Western coast strategically.

And then I saw that innovation, and the pioneering heart of the UK, began to rise again, significantly, in 2017. Innovation and pioneering, that has been really at the heart of our nation over centuries and centuries, and it is rising again. The spirit of God is coming and He’s bringing innovative creative ideas right across the board, and with that courage that Emma [Stark – at Glasgow Prophetic Centre] talked about earlier, that ability to rise again. Pioneering. New Technologies. New medical ideas. New ways of delivering education. New media strategies.

And I keep hearing, I’ve been hearing for the last two years. There’s convergence. There’s convergence. It’s convergence. It’s Word and Spirit. It’s this church stream and … church stream. It is the world’s wisdom and God’s wisdom. There’s convergence between the natural and the supernatural. Everything is coming into convergence and marriage so that things can be built, earthed and take place. So that things don’t just stay in the supernatural realm, sitting here while we all have a party in the church.

So I feel like the Lord said to me that the application of knowledge will begin to emerge to be almost like a currency. It will be almost as powerful as money. And what was ringing in my spirit as I was preparing this Word, is that the Lord was saying 2017 is the year of wisdom. Because that’s how Solomon made the people prosperous. That’s how Solomon made Israel prosperous. It was through wisdom, because he knew what to do. And when he didn’t know what to do, he went and found out. That’s a prophetic Word for so many right there. So many have been going round and round and round, it’s a relational circle, it’s a business circle. It’s an area of your life or your business or your community or your something, where there’s like a circular loop going on and you’ve not managed to come out of it, and the Lord would say that is because you lack wisdom in that realm and in that area, but someone else has got it. The explosion of the knowledge base through the internet through media, has meant that information is literally here in front of you. There is a wealth of knowledge, there is a wealth of information. But you need to know what to access, who to access it from, and how to apply it in your situation. Those who can do those three things are carrying a unique anointing to solve the nation’s problems in this next year. Those of us who will walk like the sons of Issachar and like Joseph will be those that the Lord is uniquely upon to address the nation’s needs at this time.

I also see that there have been many Josephs that have been being prepared and are now ready to act. And these Josephs are people who have the ability to hear the revelations from heaven, but they are able to give strategy to government leaders because they have been equipped and trained in the nasty places. Whilst they were there and God was with them, they learned practical skills, they learned governmental skills, they learned administrative skills. They learned how to run a company. They learned how to run a huge corporation. They’ve learned how to run a small government agency. So that they know that when they go to Pharaoh that they have something in the natural to contribute to the need of the nation. We’re moving into the doing bit. These Josephs will work alongside leaders for the good of the nation, and even for the good of the nations of Europe. God is going to cause these Josephs to come into position so that our nation can be blessed but it’s going to spill over into Europe as well.

I want to say to Josephs this year, Pharaoh is calling for you this year. It’s this year, it’s not twenty years. Leaders of business, leaders of government, places of power and influence are going to call for you and God is initiating it and when it happens, go. You’re going to bring forth revelation of what God is doing but also strategies born from the years of experience and training in the hard places. Pharaoh is going to call for you but he’s going to call to prosper you. And even those that persecuted you will come under the favour and the blessing. It says in scripture that when they called for Joseph, there was a big rush, Pharaoh wanted the answer quickly. But Joseph shaved himself, changed his clothes and made himself ready.

I really feel like that is actually a corporate thing. I really feel like the Lord is saying there’s coming a great call from business leaders, from government leaders, from those of influence. There’s coming a great call, a great demand to the people of God through the relationships that they trust. Those of you who have relationships with people in places of influence, don’t be surprised if a call comes. But when that call comes, you need to make yourself ready. Joseph made himself ready, and one of the things that Pharaoh says, he comments on Joseph, ‘you’ve given me revelation which is amazing but I can see the manner of man you are. Who is wise in the land like you? Who has the character like you do? This is what these leaders these people these places need to see on the inside of us. You have to make yourself fitting for the environment that God would have you step into, because you want them to listen to what you say and not be distracted by a stinky character or what you look like or how you’ve carried yourself. Please don’t be afraid to get trained. Please don’t be afraid to get educated. Please don’t be afraid to learn the language of the culture you will be going into.

To the business community I heard the Lord say: “Hold your nerve. Don’t panic as you look about you. Look to the East but deal wisely and do not move in desperation.” I saw that aid and business partnerships are coming from the East (in the world, not just the East in England), especially from China, but be careful of the conditions and the timings within the contracts that are coming to the table. The negotiations of some of these contracts may be lengthy. And the Lord says He is establishing clean partnerships with believers across the nations that will hold honour at their core. But in other negotiations, there’s a strategy of waiting you out because they have financial resources to do so, to create a desperation, to secure unreasonable terms. In such cases, back off, as smaller and more medium sized companies, and more manageable sized contracts will be more fruitful and productive. I feel like, for the business community, it’s like a general wisdom strategy of, where it is possible, develop multiple revenue streams of different sizes, so that large ones can’t take you out, and small ones will keep you small. It’s a year of doing multiple things, multiple levels, in different ways. That’s actually going to build more of a stream and a flow that’s going to bring a health and a prosperity because when some wider political things begin to take place, that’s going to be important.

I really feel like, 2017, the year’s focus is on governance. The governance needed in the promised land is very different to the governance that’s needed in the wilderness. We’re not living for the daily miracle anymore. I’m not saying that God doesn’t need to do miraculous things. I’m saying we’re in a different season and the season is of you and me being responsible for our own governance and our own lives. Governance is the key word for 2017. And good governance is about the process for making and implementing decisions. I feel like the Spirit of God wants to say to every one of us: “Have a look, have a look at your family, have a look at your business, have a look at your health, have a look at your money, have a look at your church.”

Good governance is about decision making. I’m talking about the way that you build and you construct your life and your business and your community and your organisation and everything like that. God wants to pour into you and into me so very much wealth but what would we do with it if it came? So that whatever we do with it at this (current) scale, we’re going to do with it at this big scale. You need to start dialoguing with people, writing stuff down, and say to yourself, I’m going to act differently; I’m going to move those decisions into a different way. Joseph gets released to Pharaoh because he governed well. He governed himself, he governed Pharaoh’s house, he governed the prison well. So if you move into good governance in your own situation, in your own business, then others are going to want to know, because they are going to see the good governance that is coming upon you. Governance is using your authority for the blessing and good of yourself, but also for the health and the blessing of others, and that’s what makes us different. That’s why we will prosper in our communities. We will make decisions that are not just based on our own selfish need but are based on the need of what is going on around us. We are going to have the ability in 2017 to get our eyes off ourselves, and up and out into a more corporate field, and look at how we can give into the environments where God has already placed us to be, to be a blessing. If we will do that, God is going to bring such prosperity, through the innovation, through the pioneering, through the charitable side of life, in the UK right now, amidst all that’s going on. So if we’re going to come into alignment with what the Lord is doing this year, we’re going to have to look at our own arenas and say, I need to get wisdom. I need to get brave, and I need to get wisdom.

Sarah Rowlinson, 23rd December 2016

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