“They’re setting up The Kingdom!” – prophetic dream reviewed

What is The Kingdom of God?

In brief, it’s the realm in and from which The Almighty Lord God reigns and rules and into which redeemed believers in Jesus Christ have right of entry through Jesus’ death on the cross. Through His holy blood our are sins are forgiven and we are no longer slaves to satan and can be filled with and led by His Holy Spirit.  Churches are not, therefore, the Kingdom for theologians refer to the paradox it being ‘now but not yet’, primarily because it manifests through believers lives until Jesus returns to rule and reign on earth.

Puzzle in sky - Idea goThe dream recounted in the previous post plus a powerful scripture on what the Kingdom will be like, as mentioned in ‘Exploding Bible’, have now fallen into place just like pieces of an invisible jigsaw.  They’ve stirred a few fresh insights; for example:

1st ‘Jigsaw Piece’

I’d been reminded of it upon reading Veronika West’s account of a declaration during her dream encounter in a heavenly courtroom (see my #1 – Next Phase of ‘Setting up The Kingdom’ Is Now Upon Us), and which closely correlates with one made in my dream, as well as with a meeting room being furnished.

2nd ‘Jigsaw Piece’.

Upon further reflection, there’s also a similarity of ‘location’ genre between her dream and mine because the place from which I observed Kingdom-related activity ressembled an airport control tower. That is, I was in an observatory, or equivalent of a ‘situation’ room, whereas Veronika was in a council chamber, or courtroom of heaven, as herein.

3rd ‘Jigsaw Piece’.

A novel numerical synchronicity is now apparent!  Veronika account is dated 2 December; my original blogged version is 20 December. Add them together and we get the day of my birthday, 22nd, which is also emphasised in the third confirmation of the Second Advent dream that turned my life around, as recently recounted here. So, in UK-notation the two dates are 20-12-2011 and 02-12-2016.

Paul Revere’s Ride

The reference to Paul Revere’s renowned action in the Nov 2010 Inception Report for the next year’s Revival Alliance Gathering is echoed – or even resonated by – the prophetic word brought in July by Lydia Stanley-Marrow The Redcoats Are Coming!. A fuller post on this connection may be read in Special September 2 – A Kingdom 5th Anniversary Today.

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