How Does Science Enhance Faith?

Thought provoking points from the perspective of a PhD student…

Science and Belief

e830b10f28f3073ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6dd19b4174790f6c5_640_dna Pixabay. CC0 Public Domain

There is a basic trajectory for a science PhD student, and it goes something like this. Enthusiasm and delight mingled with a frisson of fear, a gradual onset of hard reality and stress, perhaps a dash of boredom and possibly even some despair and disillusionment. This is followed by a long period of determination and hard work, which ends in joy and relief. This is the crucible in which characters are formed, careers are established, and skills are developed which will last a lifetime. Some of the skills learned are very useful: experimental techniques, ways of thinking, organisational and project management skills, and of course knowledge. The less useful ones might include procrastination techniques, ways of bluffing, online gaming and social media skills, and of course surviving for whole days on the contents of the department vending machines.

Joking aside, I know that I am very…

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