Update on Nina’s progress

A hearty thank you to the Lord and to everyone who prayed for Nina after her major hand operation. There’s been one achievement at least: she’s managed to learn to write again! This time with her right hand 🙂  It was so amusing when she first attempted doing a crossword.

We’ve had a busy morning shopping locally and later in Liphook after going to the Royal Surrey Hospital. There, the registrar who’d stitched her thumb and forearm in two places checked progress again after she’d worn a wrap-brace with thumb-splint. Three weeks ago when the plaster cast was removed he was astonished at how well the wounds were looking and healing. So Nina told him about prayer power as people had been praying for her and the whole medical team during the op’ and afterwards.

Today, he said it’s “Brill – marvelous!” and sent her to start physiotherapy. That therapist was amazed Nina’s had so little pain as most patients complain of post-operative pains, and Nina had been warned it may happen. But praise the Lord no, and the whole is healing exceptionally well. The course of physio will now continue at the small unit 1/2 mile away and adjacent to our GP surgery, with next check-up in in mid-Feb, hopefully for sign-off.

yumAND the weekend had got off to a very good start with a bowl of dates, sultanas, raisins and glace-cherries that had lain soaking for 3 days in a secret spirit being incarcerated within a stiff mix of flour and goodies only to then be incinerated – well not quite.

If only we smell its warm yumminess! Am so pleased Nina encouraged me to bake and ice our Christmas cakes.

yum-2ALSO, the whole house oozed with the combined scent of the cake and my freshly baked granary loaf.

Now herein lies a story of prophecy!

When we attended our first workshop on moving in prophetic gifting with Dr Sharon Stone 11 years ago one of the many activations involved a chubby chap with a one-tooth grin. He said he saw loaves on a conveyor belt – that certainly befuddled me! Although my name’s Barker I’m definitely no baker and my cooking abilities are very limited. Of course, we try putting a scriptural interpretation on these things but most often they are exactly what they are.

A few years later a good friend asked if we may be able to put her bread-maker to use as she didn’t have time to devote to its regular use. Nina gave it a try and suggested I may like to give a go – and have been doing so ever since! So that prophecy’s long fulfilled.

Yum, yum, yum…yum, yum, yum – yum yum all the way.. almost every third day!

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