A vision of the US Constitution and Donald Trump

After musing upon the re-establishing of British sovereignty over the USA I found my in-tray contained a follow-up to this week’s blogs on its Constitution. It’s in a summary of possible prophecies on the next POTUS and comes from Terry Bennett of Kansas City, Missouri.:

A Recent Revelation Concerning Donald Trump

Dear friends,

I want to preface what I am about to share with you with the fact that I do not believe nor am I saying Donald Trump is a born-again believer nor that he is a flawless individual beyond reproach. But even if he is a Cyrus figure (who was an evil man that God called His servant), who will not resist God’s will or be antagonistic towards Jesus Christ and this nation, then I believe he could be our best choice – much better than what we presently have. Each of us MUST and SHOULD ask and pray to the Lord about this and hear clearly from Him ourselves.

I recently had an encounter involving an angelic messenger named National. In this encounter he showed me in a vision, Donald Trump and written on Trump’s back was the Constitution of the United States. The angel then told me that the Constitution was behind Donald Trump, and that his motivation involves the backing of the Constitution. The angel then reminded me of an encounter months ago where two angels from Washington DC had said to me that “The Constitution is no longer safe in D.C”. National told me that the Constitution is safe with Donald Trump. This was the extent of the encounter.

I want to correlate this with a visionary experience of some years ago. I have spoken about this experience in the past a number of times, but have not and did not know to relate it to our present situation. This experience involved a card game between Satan and Jesus Christ. The game involved the fate of this Nation (USA). Satan had the perfect unbeatable hand, a royal flush and was excited to play his hand in this nation. The Lord was in a relaxed position opposite him, one hand on the back of His seat, His right hand on the table. Satan appeared to be moving first, when Jesus Christ put up His right index finger on His right hand and said “One moment”, then out of nowhere, a card appeared in The Lord’s right hand. With force He slapped it onto the table, it was a trump card – (Donald Trump?). The Lord trumped Satan’s royal flush, deflating Satan’s joy and countenance. Best I can remember, this experience took place 5-6 years ago. I now believe this is part of it’s possible interpretation. Remember, God trumped Satan before, through Cyrus. If that’s all He has to work with, He can do so again. My motive in sharing this, again, is to call us to serious and desperate prayer for the ultimate will of God. If the purpose of the enemy comes forth, in others getting in office or staying in office, chaos, civil war and God’s wrath will be upon us.

I am not sharing everything about these encounters, but the most important points. Up until recently, I was not even going to vote, unless I heard very clearly from The Lord. My encounter with National has changed this. I do not say this to sway you but to let you see some into my own heart and encourage you to seriously seek The Lord in this.

May The Lord have His ultimate will and purpose,

Terry Bennett, 21 June, 2016

NB: read also A Note from Terry Regarding Election 2016 published on 1 July 2016.

4 thoughts on “A vision of the US Constitution and Donald Trump

  1. Let’s face it, whichever one wins next week, that country is screwed. The only difference between them is that if Trump wins there will be less Christians imprisoned in the next four years than if Clinton wins. The fact that these two people are candidates shows just how far the people of America have gone from God.

    I was warned in 1990, 15 years before I became a Christian, was that a sign of the end times was the end of America’s strength and position as a superpower. This was to remove their ability to defend Israel when the attack of Gog/Magog takes place.


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