Thank you from and update on Nina

A deep thank you from Nina and me to those who kindly prayed for the trapeziumectomy. She was home from the Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford, for a decent mid-morning coffee and needing to rest after the usual noisy night in any medical unit.

Yesterday, she was out of recovery by 11:30 am, three hours after going to theatre.  Just before I went for lunch the surgeon’s registrar came to say they were very pleased with the operation. So now it’s time for rest and recuperation: left arm in soft bandage kept as high as high as comfortably possible. (Presently is dozing in armchair with kitty snoozing on tall cushion behind her but her head resting on top of Nina’s 🙂 )

In three weeks her progress will be assessed and decision made on the next three week’s form of support before Nina can start regaining the use of her dominant hand.

A couple of people on different prayer networks remarked upon surgeon Mr Magnusson’s brilliant reputation. When we first met to discuss the work I commented it’s like what we’ve seen on TV’s Supervet, featuring the university’s prof Noel Fitzpatrick whose practice is in nearby Godalming.  He laughed heartily when I quipped that he’d best not think he’s a vet in view of my surname!

We remain amazed at the very efficient and effective hospital-watch at the Liphook church we started attending only six months ago – thank you Lord for such brotherly support from there, Acorn and elsewhere.

1 thought on “Thank you from and update on Nina

  1. Richard, Thank you for your deep relationship with our Father and secondly your lovely and poetic way you so effortlessly show your love for your wife Nina. I am truly so blessed…God has been using me all of my life and now more than ever the Rhema words, Words of knowledge and His wisdom over my own life and others. He is on me to go to the secret place deeper deeper deeper and I trust your gifts Richard. God bless you and continue to bless you both with His favor and anointing on your lives!! In Jesus name!


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