Dr Sharon Stone: New Year 5777 (2016-2017) – the Sword of the Lord will arise

Chuck Pierce Glory of Zion

Chuck Pierce Glory of Zion

 “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come”. (Jer 33.3 NLT)

At an international gathering of prophets in Windsor, Berkshire, on 3rd September Rev Dr Stone gave attendees a heads-up on this new Hebraic Year 5777, ie. a month before it began on Rosh Hashanah at sundown last Sunday (2nd October 2016).

PART 1: Words & Numbers 

Rev Dr Sharon Stone, courtesy CIESharon’s purpose in providing an early analysis and report is to enable us to understand this new season, thereby aligning and positioning ourselves to receive the great blessing of what’s coming. Knowing what’s in our future gives us momentum to bring it into the present.

Her opening instruction stresses the importance of getting a ‘NOW’ word from the Lord;

“For those who don’t understand why we need a ‘now‘ word; as soon as I know what the Spirit of God is doing I align myself with that. I put my eyes where His are, I put my heart where His is, I put my hand where His is, I put my feet where I see He’s focused and I’m in a place of such great blessing, opportunity and advancement because I’ve not had to struggle to do that. It’s being in the right place at the right time – and that’s my prayer for each one of you.”

The pictorial characters of the Hebrew alphabet are not only of linguistic use and meaning but, like ancient Greek, also have a numerical value by virtue of their place in the alphabet, and some represent larger numbers in multiple of ten and of hundred. Thus, rich layers of meaning may be found within these letters and correspondingly within holy scripture.

Hebrew letter ayin


She explains 5700 means ‘may this be the year of…’ and we’re in the decade of the 70, which is represented by letter ‘ayin’ or a pair of eyes (pictographically).

“So in every year of this decade we come to a new place of enlightenment for the church in different arenas – but it also means personally that your eyes are being opened up! Your (spiritual) vision is becoming more clear (and your getting) details of a strategy rather than an overview.

“By the end of this decade you need to expect that the prophetic has been increased in the midst of you…and you can go from one level to the next level in a greater way and a faster way than you could at any time before…At this time the Spirit of God is giving me two scriptures for this season we’re in.”

Sharon then speaks in-depth on Jeremiah 33.3, as quoted above about this remarkable season where the Lord’s putting a hunger in us for knowing about things to come. Next she expounds upon Isaiah 42:16 as another key pertinent to our prophetic eyesight:

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known. Along paths they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness into light before them and I will make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do and I will not forsake them”.

Meaning of 777

It seems God’s favorite number is 7, especially in the Book of Revelation, and this year’s number has 3!  Number 7 means perfect, complete, and when something’s mentioned three times in scripture it’s for emphasis.

777 is ‘divine – divine – divine’ or completion of perfection. Therefore, Sharon is hearing the the Lord say to her that over-longstanding issues and delayed promises are about to be finished and completed, and Holy Spirit will enable us to become overcomers.

So in this season of bringing to completion, or perfection, God’s giving us opportunities to learn and overcome and gain victories by which we can testify as overcomers.

During this time of perfected completion many will see a finished manifestation, especially for incomplete personal deliverance and for lengthy healing processes, these will come to completion and finish so that we can move on.

PART 2: Dream of Weapons

Sharon recounts a dream of a week or so earlier of being in a museum and seeing many Medieval weapons. Just before the end, her attention is drawn to “a very strong sword; a broad two-edged sword but it’s hilt had a crown that covered the hand”.

Upon telling husband Greg about the dream and about 5777 he told her to see what he’d emailed her about Chuck Pierce’s Head of the Year 5777 gathering that, “has on the front of it a picture of a sword with a crown on top – isn’t that incredible!”

Chuck Pierce Glory of Zion

Sharon explains its direct relevance to the 7th letter Hebrew ‘zayin’ which is written like a sword with a crown on top (footnote’s link refers).  As a sword means ‘war’ and being in a ‘zayin’ season we have to prepare for war and battle.


Sharon continues by delivering an important prophetic word: “The Spirit of the Lord says,

“Surely I am in this season putting out a call to arms. My sword – the Sword of the Lord – will arise”, but the Lord says, “Also, the sword of the enemy will arise at this time.” 

But the Lord says, “Nations will behold not only My wisdom but, My sons and daughters, the nations will behold My severity also.” 

And the Lord says, “You will come to be one that no longer runs from spiritual warfare but you will realise that you are in a season” He says, “where I am unveiling new strategies.”

And the Lord says, “But just like in Gideon’s day there was a winnowing down of the troops until I had a people that I could operate through”, and the Spirit of the Lord says, “in this nation and in many other nations of the earth there has been a shifting in the prayer movement, there has been a shifting in the prophetic, there has been a dispersing and a going back home, and there has been a remnant that has arisen”, says the Lord.

And the Lord says that, “I declare even over the UK – (and globally in the nations, offers Sharon) – now there is going to be a Gideon army coming together” and the Lord says that, “The reason for My Gideon army is not because I despise revival and harvest – I don’t want the many saved? No, the reason I’m going to raise a Gideon army is I’m going to cause you to know My Power” says the Lord, “So it’s not going to be by your strength, by your power”, says the Lord, “but it’s going to be by My strength and My power and my Spirit.”

And the Lord says that, “You will see Me as the Lord Sabaoth – the One leading His troops forward”,  but the Spirit of the Lord says, “Where many expect Me to lift up My standard that you might follow” the Spirit of God says, “YOU are going to be My standard in the earth”, says God and the Lord says, “I will cause others to see your great exploits.”

And the Lord says, “You have all been in Kingdom conflict” but the Lord says, “This is different from yesterday for now you are in armed conflict”, for the Lord says, “I am giving you, furnishing you even with new weapons, weapons for a battle for victory” says God, “I will fight not simply because you are a warrior but because of your love for Me, your love for others and your love for the land that will motivate you.”

And the Lord says that, “You will wage war (look at this play on words), you will wage war and I will release back to you your stolen wages and it will be a financial season of  the power in you as well.”

And the Lord says, “The armed robber needed an armed guard to deal with him, but I’m releasing you even as an armed guard in the earth!” says your Father.

Sharon then mentions a sister had told her about a similar vision in the previous week that made her understood new weaponry would be released at the gathering.

Footnote: Hebrew for Christians website is most illuminating about Letter Zayin, especially in connection with time, viz: “since Zayin represents both the number 7 and a sword it is not surprising that it is used to divide or “cut up” time into units of sevens” (!!)

9 thoughts on “Dr Sharon Stone: New Year 5777 (2016-2017) – the Sword of the Lord will arise

  1. God’s timing is so perfect it takes my breath away.

    This sounds like a little detail, but I believe that it is a God-thing—God is in the details of our lives. I did not know that the Hebrew New Year was on October 2nd till maybe a couple of days ago. I remember laying in my sleeping bag the evening of October 2nd thinking about my blog The Road. The Revolver Map had not been working since around April of this year, so I decided to delete it and start a new Revolver Map.

    For some reason, it was such a pleasant relief to get rid of the old Revolver Map. It was a new beginning—tabula rasa—a clean slate. Old wineskins, new wineskins. My new Revolver Map is a small, round picture of Earth.

    Jeremiah 22: 29: “O earth earth earth, hear the word of the Lord.”

    I believe many powerful things will happen in the earth is this Hebrew year of 5777.

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  2. When I entered this year on the first I was lamenting, Lord I had no where to worship for the watchnight service and suddenly I felt a cloud overshadow and hover over me and I heard Him say, “The name of My Son, is higher than every other name, the name my Son, is higher that every other name and it’s throughout all eternity, the name of My Son is higher than every other name in a magnitude no one can tell, the Name of My Son, is to be applied over the doorposts of every year, “. Then I heard, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am truly the Beginning and the End” I am a Restorer of Peace. ” There were other things He discussed with me and a fortnight ago He said, “Hold firm to all I have told you.” I had wanted to write “firmly”, then He corrected me and said, “it was FIRM I told you not Firmly”. I sought for the difference in both words and interpreted it to mean know that “firm” is a verb a doing word one that holds you in place, unwavering, unshakeable , something in the present I also feel the Lord is saying here there’s a shaking coming and is telling us to fasten our seat belts and not waver from the way He has shown us or told us no matter what we go through.

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  3. Dear Richard, I hope you can help me with this ‘event’. I had clicked to hear more of Sharon Stone’s ‘777 The Sword of the Lord will Arise’ and –I thouht I heard that there would be 7 months of ‘tempest’; 7years of abundance with a wind of the Lord flowing through and then 7 years of falling away. I thought that I must print this and tried to but couldn’t. This morning I tried again but what came up on the blog was different ( I couldn’t print either.) Did I have computer jump, or did I imagine it. Does this ring a bell with you in any way? I do not know where it came from. I am Puzzled. Thelmax I think I understand about not being able to print and I haven’t yet listened to ‘Prophetic Voice’. Thelma


  4. Very interesting. I’ve been wondering how general might be the application of some recent prophecies on your site (do they apply to me, basically) and then last week, or the week before maybe, I prophesied – at least I think I did.
    I’d really like to know though what the experience of prophesying is like, how different people experience it – do you know anything about that?


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