A word or two of wisdom – ‘coincidentally’, of course!

Coincidentally? How else on this blog? And when getting back to blogging after a welcome break!

Readers will know sooner or later there’s bound to be some ‘God-incidence’ of the sort Dr Sharon Stone used as an example when teaching on ‘divine guidance’ on Saturday.

‘Incident’ #1

Whilst away we bought a perpetual calendar on daily scriptural studies of NT Greek and decided to start using it from 1st October. Right away we observed an obvious example of the paucity of meaning conveyed in English translations. They may fail to do justice to the original language and thereby not give the depth needed for a full understanding of God’s word; as in the first example provided by Rick Renner :

“If any lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally.” James 1:5

‘ask’ (from ‘aito’ : to be adamant in requesting and demanding assistance to meet tangible needs).  The study likens this to respectfully approaching a superior with a very strong request in full expectation of getting what’s firmly requested.

‘When James tells us to “ask” God for wisdom we need, the Greek tense used is a command (imperative, emphasis RB). This plainly means God isn’t suggesting that we come to Him for wisdom – He is commanding us to do so!’

More from that verse was to follow the next day.: ‘of God’ (from ‘para theou’ : come right alongside God, as close as possible). The study reads: ‘If we want wisdom, we must come right up alongside God in order to obtain it. You see, God wants a relationship with us. He doesn’t want to just freely hand out answers to our problems, He wants us to come to Him. And the moment we get side-by-side with God He opens His hand and reveals everything we need to know and understand about the situations we are facing.’

I liked this last part in particular because it speaks into what had come to our attention the weekend before chilling out over our anniversary and my birthday – that Adam and Eve would hear the voice of God walking in the Garden of Eden and walk alongside and be in conversation with the Living Lord God.

BUT, they lost that direct connection and only a few patriarchs and prophets were blessed to get that close, direct relationship; the first being Enoch who so pleased God that he took him bodily into heaven.  In fact, that profound aspect of ‘The Fall’ featured in both morning messages we heard (at local church and on-line with CHP in Alabama – God: What Is He Like?) on 18th September.

‘Incident’ #2

Within an hour of reading that better definition ‘of God’ I read a mathematician’s remarks about Revelation 13:18 in a printout from a site I’m investigating:

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”. (KJV)

Vernon Jenkins MSc writes in An Obligation Declined,

“Observe the use of imperative mood here (emphasis RB). Those who possess ‘understanding’ are required to proceed, as directed!

Oh what a ‘coincidence’!

‘Incident’ #3

Back to the usual routine with Monday morning’s tasks and then back to the pc I got ready to churn as quickly as possible through the mass of awaiting emails.  As soon as all had downloaded a new one from WordPress ‘pinged’ its presence at the top of the list. As with new post alerts it’s easy to read the introductory snippet and decide whether or not to read the full blog – but here’s yet another coincidence!!

On ‘the third day’, following hard on the heels of the two foregoing ‘incidents’ it would have been very difficult to ignore this opener by ‘Joseph’ to his latest opinion on the state of scientific endeavour, Are We Lost?..:

A Persian mathematician and astronomer by the name of al-Khwarizimi (died 850AD) spent his career working in the House of Wisdom; a fantastic mathematician from which we derive the algorithm. (Emphasis added)


In view of many observations upon ‘coincidences’ reported on this blog, I’d respectfully submit the following empirically ascertained equation for reader’s deliberation.:

3 coincidences =  1 ‘God-incident’

[Anyone unfamiliar with this concept may wish to click this link > ‘God-incidents’.]

Your contribution is warmly welcome (kindly note caveat in About Comments):

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