Our personal invitation to build the Kingdom – part 1

My doubt that Adam and Eve were the very first people met a chuckle but got no answer. My devout mother was amused at her pre-school son asking, “But who built their house?” To my boyish mind someone must have been around to do that.

Upon recalling that early memory decades later I can see the funny side – but more so in view of what I’d written last week for publishing on Saturday as 5th anniversary of a dream about the Kingdom of God being set up. That had been confirmed by not only a prophetical concurrent comment from Bill Johnson but also, and especially by, how exactly part of my dream matched Christen Forster’s interpretation of the Hebrew text that describes the rebuilding of the Temple in Ezra 4.

Also over the last few days I’ve been mulling over the mismatch between modern church and Jesus’ personal promise at Matthew 16:18 against demonic power portals,

“I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”

Lion-Bites-logo-2012SO, I was most amazed on Saturday to find that Friday’s LionBites word from Glasgow Prophetic Centre is about building the Kingdom!  This impels me to urge you to view this as of the Lord and to weigh and act upon it accordingly. Part 2 is published today and the whole message reads as follows: 


Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house the builders labour in vain.

I hear God say,

“I am calling my builders to awaken. Awaken church and awaken builders! Take hold of your tools for building my Kingdom”.

It is time to build and be positioned for building, for time is short. These are the days to pray, “Where would you have me build God?”

There is a short window of time in these coming months when God is repositioning some to build in a new place; yet some are called to build where they are. Now is the time to ask the Lord and, “As you seek me”, says God, “you will find me and know exactly the next step you must take”.

I feel the grieving of God’s heart for those who have not yet asked – now is the time for you to ask. God will not fail you, He wants you to be where He has called you to be. He is not frustrating you. Enter into His rest and seek His face. He will answer and make the way clear to you.

“Come to me”, says God, “and I will show you exactly where you are to be and what you are to build”.

These are the days for you to receive blueprints and strategy for building. Come to God and receive – it is all there waiting for you. Don’t delay. (Emphasis RB)

God is releasing tools for you to build His Kingdom where He has called you. These tools are only accessed by the Spirit and require a heart of faith to take hold of them. God is calling you personally to this. Come into the Spirit and receive – take hold of the tools God is giving you in this new season.

For these are tools of accuracy, of permanence, of multiplication, of generosity, of wealth creation and abundance. These tools of God’s Kingdom allow you greater access to the building blocks of God’s Kingdom and His ways. As you enter into the Spirit allow God to reveal to you what these are and what they are for. He will show you how to use and wield these new tools. Take the tools and build. God desires you to build with Him.

So a big thank you to David and Emma Stark’s team at Glasgow Prophetic Centre, and for their permission to reprint.

See also Your Unique Building Tools.

POSTSCRIPT (16:55hrs)

After I acknowledged an email received about Tower Bridge, its sender responded that the above post is encouraging in view of her thoughts on Building the Wall – All Hands on Deck (see part 2). I can, therefore, but agree that the Lord is issuing a clarion call to the church across the UK!

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