Veronika West on Sons and Daughters and the opening of ancient gates

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this received over the weekend and which was first published on Tuesday 9th August and may be read via this title:


This morning Papa whispered to me “Daughter, Signs of Wonder will begin to Arise”, immediately I saw the Sons and Daughters of God walking as living sign posts of His Glory and Wonder upon the Earth. They were hosts of His Power and Presence, they were carriers of Radical Hope and Restoration in the land, they were the “sent out ones”, trained and proved by Fire, unmovable in their Faith, fuelled and driven by Holy passion, their hearts were set ablaze with the Fires of Revival and Reformation. From their bellies flowed mighty rivers of living waters, and from their mouths went forth the two edged sword that was sharp, quick and penetrating. These were Holy light bearers, the powers of darkness fled at the very sight of them.

Zechariah 3:8, it says, “Hear, O Joshua, the high priest, you and your companions, who sit before you, for they are a “wondrous sign”, for behold, I am bringing forth My Servant the BRANCH”.

As I prayed, Father showed me many that are Rising up as forerunners of the Kingdom of Light, God is making His Sons and Daughters a wondrous sign in a world of chaos and increasing darkness. He is pouring out His Spirit in greater measure and Authority, He is giving to many an even greater access to the hidden mysteries and the deeper revelations of His Glory and Power.

I then saw the hand of the Father opening up ancient gates and ancient pathways that led to the deeper dimensions of the Glory realm, I saw many freely going back and forth, back and forth into these deeper realms of revelation, many were being given access to divine strategy and secret blueprints, I saw a fresh oil of Anointing being poured out over God’s Intercessors in this hour, the thick golden oil flowed like honey, many were receiving fresh empowerment and battle strategies for Victory, I saw the thick golden oil being poured out over the ears, eyes and mouths of God’s faithful Intercessors and Watchmen, many are going to begin to See, Hear and Speak in a new way.

Then I heard God say,

“Those that have been in the hidden place, will now Arise in greater Strength, Understanding, Wisdom and Revelation, I am releasing Honour and bringing into the light My Faithful Warriors that have carried My heart and birthed My purposes in the secret place!”

Then I saw a swift and sudden birthing of His divine Purposes in the Nations, many are already beginning to have angelic visitations, divine encounters, New Visions and Dreams are now increasing. I saw God releasing an even greater Authority to those that were positioned and aligned with His Glory, I saw a heavy anointing and a new mantle of Healing being released to those that were crying out for Restitution and Revival in their land, I saw Signs, Wonders and Miracles breaking out in the streets, I saw God’s hand touching the broken and drawing the lost on the highways and the by ways.

I Decree, In this hour many are becoming a walking sign of Wonder, faithful sons and daughters are being filled with revelation that will cause them to walk ahead of the times, they will carry supernatural understanding and godly counsel. These Warriors of Wonder will stand Strong in the face of opposition and persecution testifying to the Awesome Power of the one True God.

There will be a sudden explosion of supernatural signs and wonders breaking out in the market places, the time of manifest Promise is NOW and the Harvest is being gathered into the barns.

I hear Father say,

“Arise Shine, For You will be a Sign of Wonder in this Hour and Season upon the Earth, Now Go Forth, Be Fruitful, Multiple and Increase!”

Veronika West, 9th August 2016

Footnote: This goes a good way to explaining the exceptional dream I had on Wed 10th, to which I refer in connection with the ‘5th and 6th jigsaw pieces’ in the recent post on visions and maps. In fact, not only did my friends refer to the ‘ancient gates’ in the email about what the Lord told them (and to which I could confirm), but also I discovered upon praying for a couple sitting next to me in church yesterday, the dream’s overarching sign and colour of its ‘swinging doors’ also related to that moment and their moving home How wonderfully You watch over us Papa.

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