Visions of New Britain’s natural and spiritual renewal – #2

This came on Saturday as a subscription item from UK Prophetic Words and was listed in my in-tray very close to Angela Jelf’s email (see previous post). The original is by John Wunderlich and dated the day before her ‘vision’. Angela’s reaction upon my informing her – “Oh wow! I am kind of speechless…Some striking similarities here! What a wonderful word!”  It reads:

Word for Great Britain

“You will plant vineyards and gardens you will eat of the crops of fruitfulness and abundance in the natural and the supernatural. You will drink the wine of joy and exuberance once again. New and young churches will be established in the UK. There’ll be a rise in the natural and supernatural for gardening and home-grown produce!!!!???? Your farms will flourish again and so too your spiritual farmland!! Once more you will grow beautiful gardens and your churches will be beautiful gardens and the British Isles will once again be a beautiful garden of the glory of God. Gardens will spring up, allotments will spring up and living churches will spring up once again. You will drink the wine of gladness and share the milk of mercy, there’ll be a healing of the nation and the sound of singing, laughter and joy will once more fill your streets. Great Britain will once again be called betrothed and Beulah, once again she’ll be married and joined to her God. There’ll be peace and contentment and once again people will greet each other with “peace and god bless you!” There’ll be real and lasting restoration and revival in your land. This will continue and the UK will no longer backslide but will remain loyal and faithful to me. You will no longer slip and slide into the darkness but you will uphold the ways of the lord. This will be so until the time of the gentiles is complete. You will sweep the foul atmosphere with your prayers and intercessions and all nations will desire to be your friend such will be the lushness of your land. Your beauty will astound even the hardest of nations. You will be called “blest”, “beautiful” betrothed” and “Beulah!” A sweet fragrance will arise out of you and many will be drawn to you and you will go out with bucket loads of blessings to give. Your fields both natural and spiritual will bloom and blossom, flourish and be luxuriant in fruitfulness and in the ways of the kingdom of god. Your spiritual and natural flocks shall flourish once again and no longer will you be scorned, mocked and derided. You will be honoured among the nations, you will be exalted once again and you will command respect from your older and younger brothers and neighbours. Your years of dearth, darkness and depression have ended, the lean years will become fat and rich and the barren years will be swallowed up by the good years!

“I am giving you the spirit like Joseph and Esther. You will be willing to act with prudence and proliferation, with mercy and kindness and like Esther you will expose the evil spirit of Haman and cut off his breath!!!!! Nations will come to you and I have given you the healing balm of Gilead. Healing and health, wholeness and wellness are now yours and yours to share. Great miracles and wonders will be performed in your Isles. It is coming and it is coming soon. I am at the door of your nation and churches, will you open the door? I know you will for I predestined you for such a time as this. Our enemy has been allowed to sift you and sow tares where I planted wheat. The nations have perceived you as lying in the dust and have despised you, but no longer, for I am raising you up and out of the dust and mire and ashes. And the fires that sought to destroy you have in fact forged, steeled, refined you and re-defined you as my nation for this time! This is the last great battle, one final push for the kingdom and dominion of my Christ! So, steel yourself, steady yourself and stand your ground and see the deliverance of the lord. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Ready your nets! Mend your nets and cast out your nets and steady your boats for a great haul is on the way! Do you believe it? Then receive it! There’s much to be done and labourers to be hired and trained! I am able and I have determined this time for Great Britain. I will do it, will you co-labour with me? I have established you and planted you firmly in this land and you will never be uprooted again. This is it! The final push, the last hour! Take a deep breath for the roller-coaster ride of your life. The ploughman shall overtake the reaper, and the reaper overtake the sower! The nurturer overtaking them all! The reaping has begun and it will increase and grow and then the end of days shall dawn! And so, tighten up your belt, take up your sword and shield, roll up your sleeves, it’s time to work and get your hands dirty, to labour like never before and then eternal rest.”

John Wunderlich 17 July 2016


[Thank you Suzanne Payne at UK Prophetic Words – Image added, copyright unknown.]

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