Patsy Southway: Preparation for ENLARGEMENT

On her blog at PICK Ministries Patsy Southway relates this profound word based upon an oft-ignored vital command which flesh and satan have prevented the Church from putting into practice. Also, it reinforces what Heidi Baker brought from the Lord on Unity last year:

Patsy Southway‘Early this morning (Sunday) I finished reading from the book of Revelation.  Many close friends and acquaintances know, I like to read a Bible from Genesis to Revelation as a daily read.  My favourite and usual translation is The New King James but my current read has been from The Living Bible.

‘So, this morning, as I’m reading from Revelation, I am, once again, glued to this word and imagining what some of these people/creatures actually looked like!  My mind was like popcorn!  I’m forever amazed, at the revelation that John received.

‘The descriptions of many Angels, the opening of the sealed scrolls, the flasks, the golden altar, the trumpets and the choir with harps.  The descriptive details of the horses, the weather!  Flashes of lightening, thunder, roaring thunder, hailstones weighing 100 lbs! (Revelation 16:21)

‘And as I begin to worship Him and to give thanks to even be a small part of all this, as a daughter of the King; His Kingdom.  This is what he said to me:

“As your Father, and as a Father to my nations I unfold understanding in part and in parts so that you can receive and understand what I am saying to you.  My heart is global – I am changing the hearts of my children to think as I think, to begin to understand that your little groups and movements of separation is not the desire of my heart. My desire is that you are one, even as we are one (John 17:21). And your love for one another, the authentic love that I have given you; your costly love for me and the purposes of my heart will be easily evident for all to see and will cause a ‘Love Harvest’ from one side of my world to the other.
“I am enlarging hearts and minds of my sons and daughters in preparation for what is coming to the Earth. Ha ha! I smile at you, my daughter, when you are surprised and even amazed at such things as gold dust, sparkles & gems. These are just fun things!  The Earth really hasn’t seen anything yet!
“But continue in my Word – continue in loving me with ALL your heart, your mind, your everything and WATCH what I am doing in my nations.  Now that will really amaze you!” 💕💕

RB’s Footnote: the reference John 17 is poignant because, since listening to Engaging Time, I’ve meditated upon how John knew and saw the glory Jesus had with Father before the Beginning (John 17 vv 5 & 24).  And that promise is ours too!  I particularly noted the reference to Jesus manifesting (‘revealed’ v 6 NKJV) Father’s Name and our inadequate comprehension of that holy mystery. The Lord has led me to material that helps me to get a handle on this.

Then last weekend the guest worship leader at a Spirit-filled conference sang about The Name, and the speaker at a church we visited for the first time explained how a ‘Chiastic’ literary device in Amos 5 zooms right into v.8, thus focusing upon the Creator’s power and identity:

‘The LORD is His name’.

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