Prophetic words of blessing and fire for British Isles & Ireland

This Word for the UK, dated 17th November, is brought by Monica White, a member of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival:

“England, oh England… have I not promised you that I would rekindle the ancient flames across the land? See, even now it comes to pass… Holy fire lit here, there, and soon the fires will join and your land will be aflame with my Spirit. For I have loved you and have loved your forefathers who served me and their prayers and their cries even amidst of burning reached My throne and I will never forget.. I will come as the whirlwind and as the Fire and as the Dove and you will see me across the land!

“Ireland my beloved.. in days of old I sent your children into the nation with My Zeal for Holiness, for signs, for wonders… for a time the signs I gave you became strange beings that were not in My image, but according to your understanding… yet my Promise never left you and my Purpose never left you and you will blaze again with Holy Fire! Watch and see, it will be in your time.

“Scotland oh brave one… I gifted you with wisdom and restraint and with mighty generals… you will again break out and in My Power go forth and conquer in distant nations and on your own soil and do great exploits… but in My Kingdom and with my Power! And the work will endure.

“Wales, I visited you and will visit you again. For the remnant that have remained faithful are many and the prayers and supplications of those that have gone before are echoing in the Heavenlies…Surely I hear you and the incense of your love please My Heart and I will bless you again ! “


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