Is the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ re-appearing?

Nelson Walter’s Star of Bethlehem Sign Repeats Again This Week (click to read original) is re-blogged in connection with a recent post, as in my footnote below:

VenusandJupiter 2015In June 2015, a once in 2000 year conjunction of Venus and Jupiter recreated what many think “may” have been the Star of Bethlehem.  The occurrence of this sign just a couple of days after the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Same Sex marriage led me to write this post {click here}. It has turned out to be the most popular of all the posts on this site with over 300,000 views. You may want to re-read it.

This Star of Bethlehem sign is repeating again this week. If you wake before sunrise this week in the USA, Venus and Jupiter will come within 1 degree of separation on October 25-26 high in the eastern sky. Amazingly Venus and Jupiter are again coming into conjunction in the constellation of Leo the Lion near the “King star” Regulus. This is the same exact location (near Regulus) in the constellations that was the site of the original “Star of Bethlehem” conjunction in 3 BC and the conjunction in June 2015. We discuss this in the previous article as well. I find that coincidence  amazing.

I have been watching Venus and Jupiter get ever closer together in the morning sky for weeks now. (I leave for work pretty early). This conjunction will not be as dramatic as the June one, but seeing the two brightest objects in the sky (other than the moon) that close is something to see. In North Carolina (my home state), the skies have been brilliantly clear to view it.

Is there a prophetic meaning to this sign repeating yet again? I don’t know. Certainly the second advent of our King grows closer and closer every day. Is God continuing to send us subtle warning signs for us to begin to “get ready?”

RB’ Note: I’ve corrected my reference to astronomical data for 23rd September 2017 in Supermoon Monday’s ‘Blood-moon’ and the ‘Age to Come’. Whilst writing it I was aware of this Summer’s conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, but as Charlie Shamp was not so specific in his very brief remarks I’d assumed it’s that kind of event he’s anticipating. It is not. In view of his reference to Revelation 12 he was referring to what informed observers are expecting for the constellation of Virgo – a reference to which I’d also provided. Please accept my apology for any confusion.

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