Dr Sharon Stone: authority over Time

Key to the KingdomFunny to think that the first posts on this blog referred to time travel. Upon start-up in November 2011, I introduced the concept of eschatology (Not many people know this...) and in explaining Why I’m on the lookout I took readers on an imaginary trip in a ‘time machine’ to learn the key to foretelling the future.

Early last year I blogged about prophesying into Time and, lately, set up a new menu hub on Cycles and Time  If this topic intrigues you too, then you may like this:

Sharon Stone - Time

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Cruising on a sunny morning along the Hogsback to the exuberant scherzo of the finale to Sibelius’ fifth Symphony was relaxing. The panoramic view from this long, high ridge between Farnham and Guildford over lush green meadows extends towards Ascot and, over the horizon, to Windsor Great Forest.

Once the consignment of parcels for Book-Aid was delivered to Old Woking my return leg of the 60-mile trip headed south of the Hogsback and over picturesque Surrey hills  to ascend to the tunnel piercing the highest crest at Hindhead. From thence, the long descent via woodlands and fields to market town of Petersfield and cutting up through the South Downs, from where the sea can be espied, could get me to Portsmouth in a little over half an hour, if I were going so far.

It was opportune to listen to a CD that Dr Sharon Stone mentioned earlier this month. After the teaching time I noticed its title’s reference to ‘Time’ and got a copy.

hare-clock2Only a day or so beforehand had I completed this blog’s new hubs by revisiting my thoughts on the corkscrew nature of time. In doing so I was ‘nudged’ to write an introductory piece on its connection with eternity and prophecy.

Now, listening to the recording of Sharon, I was astonished that she refers in a similar manner to the scriptures on time disruption I’d noted. Her teaching, however, augments my notes greatly in providing an account of a deep revelatory insight into the relationship between Eternity and Time.

Furthermore, in citing the scriptural record of how two ladies modified Jesus’ own time-frame and associated action plan, Sharon explained how we can possibly take authority over Time. This enables practical and beneficial advantages to be gained in our walk with Him. [Ref: “My hour is not yet come” and “Let the children be filled first” in John 2:4 and Mark 7:27 respectively.]

Now, to listen to the other CD ‘Breaking the Spirit of Delay’.

So, if you’re keen to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of prophetic teaching I strongly recommend obtaining a copy of this 2-CD set from Christian International Europe. As the product is not yet on the website please email office@cieurope.org, stating your full postal address and discuss method of payment and delivery.

9 thoughts on “Dr Sharon Stone: authority over Time

  1. I was with 2 brothers this week discussing the corkscrew nature of time (a very Hebraic concept) and then, later, was in the scriptures doing a study of Philip the Evangelist and his travelling to Azotus ‘in the Spirit’. which, of course, has a link to time, in that Father God moved him over 20 miles instantly, which would have taken over 6 hours to walk. That 6 hours was spent in fruitful ministry instead. Did Philip know it was going to happen? I doubt it, but he is written about in scripture to show us this aspect of living ‘in the Spirit’. Ruth and I have now booked in to Days of Wonder in August… are you going? Mark Maddock


        • Having studied and ministered using dreams I’d advise not to stick to standard dream definitions but to rely on Holy Spirit and your spirit intuitively my friend. (That’s why I didn’t want to suggest one as that could just be what I’m subconsciously processing.)


          • Point taken Richard. What I have gathered so far is that the person in the back with me has been deceased for quite some time so time means nothing in eternity. Secondly, he was a drummer and I played guitar in a worship band we were both in. Drummers are responsible for keeping the beat or keeping time. Again another reference to time. In the dream I remember the watch being prominent but I didn’t get the sense that I was being told that my days were numbered but rather it was a gift and time was definitely important. I am not sure that if this means that time is being given as a gift or I am being made aware of time.


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