Hare & Tortoise, Eternity and a Menu!


A 12-mile marathon between the renowned hare and tortoise of Aesops’ fables. My parents gift of the above child’s alarm clock is one of my earliest memories.

So, as a young boy I often checked at noon which character got to the winning post first – tortoise always won!  Although fast and agile, the hare ran 12 times further than ‘torty’ slowly plodded. And their marathon battle was never-ending!  Or, so it was until I got too old for that early 1950’s time-piece.

This wonderful teaching device gave me a good idea of time and probably inculcated an appreciation of how it cycles around, and of ‘wheels within wheels’ – but more so when I had opportunity to peek inside next-door neighbour’s large clock over their kitchen fire-place.

All this is to announce the completion of revisions to this blog’s main Menu. After having used various past posts, I jotted some ever so brief thoughts on how eternity may relate to time.

And guess what – I found this totalled an unintentional 7 pages, as follows:

  1. Eternity and Prophecy
  2. The Nature of Time
  3. Cycles & the Bible
  4. The Natural Year (Eric Hadik)
  5. Historic Aprils in USA & Israel (Eric Hadik)
  6. God-incidences
  7. Invisible Jigsaw

The first five contain mainly new material and are found in the ‘Cycles & Time’ hub. The other two under ‘God-incidences & Jigsaws’ hub are brief distillations from published posts. All contain supportive scriptures.

I trust you will take a look, enjoy what you read and be blessed. Any comments and corrections are welcome.

[Illustration credit: Smart Gallery Social Museum and Art Gallery.]

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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