Blog’s 3rd Birthday – what did Jesus prophesy about WWI?

I invite readers familiar with 20th Century history and the Bible to search their brainy database and try this single-shot quiz:

Question: which military event during the First World War has a direct connection to one of the prophecies spoken by Jesus Christ?

Clue: Old Testament prophet Isaiah described an amazing facet of this historic event.

Answers: short answers in the reply box below or, if unable to log in, please send email to ‘’ under subject ‘Quiz’.

Closing date for answers is 30th November. Regret no prize but correct entries will be announced with the answer in early December.

2 thoughts on “Blog’s 3rd Birthday – what did Jesus prophesy about WWI?

  1. I think you must be thinking of the liberation of Jerusalem by British and Allied military forces in December 1917. It would seem to be connected to the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, which is perhaps the fulfillment of Luke 21.24: ‘And Jerusalem will be being trampled by nations, until times of nations are fulfilled’.

    The circumstances of Allenby’s victory have been seen as a fulfillment of Isaiah 31.5: ‘Like birds flying about, So will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will also deliver it; Passing over He will preserve it.’

    It is said that on December 8th, Isaiah 31 was appointed to be read in the Anglican churches worldwide, and that on the 9th Allenby flew planes over Jerusalem, dropping leaflets calling (successfully) for surrender.

    Grattan Guinness had remarkable success in predicting the time of the ending of Gentile control over Jerusalem. In Light for the Last Days, I think it was, he named 1917 as a key year (although later he revised the date by a year or two).



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