Holy fire from southern to northern hemispheres

“I saw the globe and I felt like I was looking at the south pole and there was this flame underneath the south pole – and I saw people south of the equator praying and I saw their prayer coming up on the north side of the equator and I saw revival fires coming. And the Lord said…”

World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti

“When I was walking into this room I saw the Fire of God pass through..”

Upon hearing Dale Mast make that last remark it confirmed my quick open vision of a 12-15 feet high wall of waving red, orange and yellow flames stretching across the front of the low platform he’d just stepped onto. Dale was behind that ‘invisible wall’.

Dale Mast credit Branchmill PhotoGalleryThis was at Dr Sharon Stone’s recent mentoring day after she introduced her long-time friend/mentor Dale Mast.  He went on to teach about Moses and David in connection with Jesus’ ministry and stressed the importance of our having a good friendship with God, one like reluctant servant Moses had grown into. Dale chuckled over how Moses may have sought the privilege of visiting Jesus whilst on earth, and so explained, “Friendship brings greater access than faith!”

Dale said prophets should back up what they hear with prayer and intercession to bring it to birth. Quoting Habbakuk 3, he pushed that we don’t want to just read it, we want to live it, we know what God’s done but want Him to do it again in our generation. Saying there are different levels of revelation Dale shifted up a gear into prophetic mode,

“Do you know why you in front of me are alive now? It’s because you’re perfectly matched to what God’s going to do in this generation…You were called to make a difference – in this generation – and I believe this:

“There’s something’s coming out of the prophetic movement – even out of the UK – there’s coming a voice that will literally cause it to go over many flags of the nations. And just like there was the anointing that the UK had that went over many, many nations, I believe there’s something that God is going to release that’s going to go to many nations.

“I just saw a little prophetic picture. I want to share this; it’s sort of interesting:

“I saw the globe and I felt like I was looking at the south pole, like there was this flame underneath the south pole – and as it was hitting…I saw people south of the equator praying, and I saw their prayers coming up on the north side of the equator to this hemisphere – and I saw revival fires coming and the Lord said…”

“There’s prayers coming up out of the southern hemisphere that are literally going to release fire into the northern hemisphere because they have a mantle of intercession”.

“And I also believe that there’s certain things that are being released in the realm of the Spirit. When I was walking into this room I literally felt like I saw the Fire of God pass through. It moved through and some of you are going to experience the wind of the Spirit in a very unusual way…”

In his stimulating teaching about Jesus and the throne of David, Dale focused upon the change in David’s identity that entering the ‘Holy of Holies’ of intimate relationship with God had brought him.

Another prophetic picture was of the river of God getting ready to run through this land again and of the Lord saying,

“This is going to be a time to think and drink! I’m refreshing the anointing that has been dormant.”

Dale then became very specific for this training session on what the Lord is asking of us personally as a prerequisite to what He will do nationally. We’re headed for challenging and exciting days…

It’s fascinating how this meets the concepts of a name/identity change and preparing for advance implied by the Hebrew understanding of this new year 5775, as herein. And I’m quietly amused over my musing on revival and ‘down under’ and Joanne Rolston’s quip – seems you’re right Jo 🙂

Image credits:

  • Dale Mast by Branchmill Photography Gallery
  • ‘World on Fire’ by Danilo Rizzuti courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net

2 thoughts on “Holy fire from southern to northern hemispheres

  1. Richard do you remember these dreams that I had?

    I had a dream 08/05/2014 where I saw a fire, not a bonfire, however, but I guess something like what Moses saw when the Lord appeared to him in the burning bush. The bush burning and the fact that it was not being consumed caught Moses attention. The fire that I saw was like this only without the bush. I remember walking over to it. If I remember correctly, there were others around but I was the only one in the dream who walked over to it. I remember that the fire hovered just above the ground. As I said above, I approached the fire, and then I did something I would not do in the natural; I stepped into the center of the flame. The flame began to engulf me little by little starting at my feet and proceeding up my body all the way to my head. I remember feeling the heat yet I was not consumed, i.e.,destroyed. I have felt the heat of the Holy Spirit before and can tell you that it is an intense heat. I also remember that the others upon seeing me burn did not come near me. The fire on the earth in my dream reminded me of Jesus’ Word where He says, ” I have come to cast fire upon the earth and how I wish it were already kindled” Luke 12:49.

    May God so set all of His people’s life on fire.

    Spreading the Fire

    I had a dream 09/01/2014. In the dream I was in a home with other people and we were gathered around a “fire”. I have no doubt that this was/is the Holy Spirit. I remember taking the fire in my hands and bringing it to other homes who in turn brought it to other homes. The one thing I know about fire is that you don’t have to invite people to watch a house burn as they are naturally attracted to fire. No advertising is needed when the fire of the Holy Spirit is burning.

    God’s Fire

    I had a dream 12/01/2013. In the dream I saw a pair of hands that we’re cupped and there was a fire burning in them. I then saw people coming with unlit torches towards the cupped hands and as each person came up to the hands they would place their unlit torch into the fire and it would become lit with the fire of God. Some people loved the fire and some stomped on their torches shortly after acquiring the fire.

    The verses that come to mind are found in Isaiah.

    Isaiah 33:14-15 NKJV

    The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites: “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?” He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly, He who despises the gain of oppressions, Who gestures with his hands, refusing bribes, Who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed, And shuts his eyes from seeing evil:

    It would seem that the Lord is calling people to be fire starters and to carry God’s Holy fire with them.

    I am reminded of a vision I had several years ago where I saw, in a vision, a much younger version of myself and I was dressed like an Olympic runner and I was carrying the Olympic Torch. I remember hearing the words, “fire starter”, in the vision.

    If you remember the words of the Lord when he said…..

    Luke 12:49 NKJV

    “I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!

    Lord, send your fire.


    • Terrific Tony! – amen to these and it may be that the younger version you saw is your spirit ready for action – we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).


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