Prophets call for protective prayers for President Obama

Folks will be aware of my reservations on President Obama’s policies and decisions. I’m not a fan but it is important to respect him in his role. So Ire-posted Wendy Alec’s call for intercession after the re-election, followed by news of related developments. Another call comes from elsewhere and possibly connects into one of my readers’ dreams. After careful consideration, therefore, I’m posting this short video.

The following ‘alarm calls’ to pray for the United States and its president come from four prophets who are recognised by my church leadership here in England. I’m familiar with Bobby Conner’s standing and our pastor is aware of Neville Johnson’s ministry. So, you may wish to hear and weigh their comments on this video. (NB: please watch before reading the comments section, where you’ll find our reaction.)

2 thoughts on “Prophets call for protective prayers for President Obama

  1. I’ve come across many prophetic claims about Obama and disregarded the vast majority. But this is very different, not simply because we know of Bobby but because of how strongly Holy Spirit confirmed the accuracy of these insights. Our pastor forwarded it and Nina and I watched it together. As Bobby spoke I recalled a passing thought along these lines a few weeks ago. Then as Neville Johnson recounted his wife’s open vision, mine went into an ‘overdrive’ reaction and gasped for breath. Only many minutes later could she explain that as he spoke she felt the distinct vibrating of the Holy Spirit within her abdomen. It got ramped up and upon hearing about the Stars and Stripes Nina was overwhelmed with severe grief and had to suppress an intense wailing roar from deep within. I’ve never before seen the Spirit move so powerfully upon her. That is why we can attest to the truth of these prophetic claims.


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