Death or Destiny? Choose wisely

Death, or ‘destiny’, it was my choice – but I didn’t know, and I’d chosen wrongly!

Thankfully, I was given the chance to choose again – yet once again flunked it!  How?  A young man who happened to share my birthday pointed out the facts.  Yet I decided, quite deliberately, to ignore them and thus made the wrong choice.

Then another, very much older man, came like a thief in the night. He showed me how those incorrect decisions bear consequences affecting my own post-mortem existence!  Twenty two years later, that event remains vividly etched within me.

Maybe this sounds rather far-fetched or fictional, or like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol where ghosts confront Ebenezer Scrooge?

However, please make no mistake. What I’m relating has nothing to do with ideas or beliefs, faith or feelings, supposition or superstition. Rather, it has everything to do with plain, simple facts.

The eventual outcome of our own life – even one’s post-mortem existence – is a matter of fact. And it’s our choice.

Allow me to share a true story, starting with the first visitor…

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