2019: Revival Prophecies – Where Are We Now?

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First published and issued at the One Voice Conference, Reading, 8th Feb 2020; and thank you Geoffrey Pick for permission to republish from UK Prophetic Words, as well as for sharing the original with me. NB: links in prophets’ names for cross-reference:


Britain’s Christians have heard promises of future revival coming to the nation for generations, yet the long wait continues.

Are we now to give up hoping for a turnaround in church decline?

Can we really expect a revival to come suddenly, as it did in 1904-1905 in Wales, when hundreds of thousands were saved in a few years, swelling the congregations and igniting other revivals worldwide

The 20th-Century church in Britain saw a steady decline with membership as a proportion of the population shrinking ever decade since World War I. In a mere generation, Britain went from being a missionary sending nation to a mission-field. Foreign evangelists such as Billy Graham and Louis Palau took up the mantle for converting the nation through stadium evangelism. Even so, many foreign evangelists were not always received whole-heartedly by the British churches, who had failed to raise up soul winners themselves. It is noted that by international standards Britain had also been lagging behind other English speaking nations, by failing to encourage the voices of prophets. We are beginning to catch up in recent years, but as with evangelism owe much to the influence of other nations.

For many, it goes against the grain to assume that today’s prophecy can take longer than a generation to be completed. Most expect prophecies to unfold in their lifetime or soon after. The key points from prophecies below show that although incomplete, these words are already in advanced progress to being fulfilled. This is an indication that the prophesied harvest of souls cannot be too far off.

A summary of well known UK revival prophecies with fulfillment dates:

Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy 1947 – Timeline Progress

  • Restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit – Fulfilled from the 1960s
  • People leaving historic churches and planting new churches – Fulfilled from the 1970s
  • When the new church movement phase is on the wane – In 2020 New churches are still in growth
  • Coming together of two groups; Word and Spirit Christians – Awaited, superficially occurring, but not a widespread initiative (see *)
  • The biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the world has ever seen – Awaited and longed for with much prayer, but above pre-conditions need to be met.

Jean Darnall Prophecy 1967 – Timeline Progress

  • Small groups of Spirit-filled Bible readers ALL over the nation – Substantial coverage, but more needed
  • Lightning – Believers suddenly reach out to society in Britain – Happening in small pockets
  • NO-ONE will be without a witness – We are not there yet
  • Communicators (rather than church ministries) – Internet and arts media to be raised up
  • Europe will be reached via media drawing them to church – Broadcasters (God TV 24/7 from 1999) more since more to come?

The baptism of the Holy Spirit renewal movement entered the mainstream churches from the 1960s and the new church (House Church) movements began to flourish a decade later, as foretold in the Wigglesworth prophecy, where Christians left churches to join fellowships for a fuller expression of the Holy Spirit’s work. Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that those involved in these movements saw them as signs of revival.

“In the duration of each of these moves, the people who are involved will say, ‘This is a great revival.’ But the Lord says, ‘No, neither is this the great revival, but both are steps towards it…”

Smith Wigglesworth (UK) 1947

Early 21st Century prophecies from outside the UK predicted the blossoming of out-of-church-building outreach with Holy Spirit-filled Christians operating with many new forms of street engagement.

“… I see a fire. A fire of revival sweeping the hi-ways and bi-ways of England. A great revival of prayer and devotion to the Most High God. They are meeting in barns and mansions seeking the face of God…” Chad Taylor (USA) – Word for England, August 2000

“I saw streets begin to move and flow like rivers, or like automated walkways that move people around. The houses and streets I saw looked like those on the outskirts of an English town or village, and the streets began to ‘flow’ past the houses. The sense I had in this was that there is going to be a move of God on the streets in England.” Judith Grobelny (New Zealand) – Word for England, 2003

Although we are yet to see a spectacular revival in salvations, the new “street” model is steadily growing. In the decades following the Millenium, new Christian models of ministry began to emerge that have transformed Christian outreach. The Holy Spirit’s gifts are now out of the comfort zone of church meetings and in the public space, where they are effective signs to the non-Christians.

The new emerging 21st Century Holy Spirit ministries operating outside church buildings include:

  • Street Pastors – 2003 (Les Issac – Brixton)
  • Prophetic Evangelism – 2004 (Mark Stibbe – Book)
  • Healing on the Streets – 2005 (Coleraine, Northern Ireland)
  • Treasure Hunting < 2009 – (Kevin Dedman – Book Published)

Since 2000 Christians have also taken a lead in numerous national initiatives, becoming the main operators of foodbanks, doing significant work with debt relief and by supporting homeless people.

These new direct ministries to the unchurched were insignificant in the UK before 2000.

Jean Darnall’s prophecy described the transformation of Christian ministry from big-name ministries to the body of Christ operating together in the public sphere:

“This ministry was not mass meetings, led by powerful personalities, preaching to spectators, but participating, caring communities involved with one another at the grassroots level, sharing the love of God everywhere” and Holy Spirit said, “These are communicators” (A new word for ministry). “They will be communicators who will flow out of this awakening, out of this renewal in Britain media people that I’ll gift with drama and music, broadcasting, TV and so forth light and sound. I will call them to this because I’m going to release my Word and my message to the continent of Europe through the media, not through the church, but through the media then they’ll come into the church, but in Britain, it will be in the church then from media to the people.”

Jean Darnall 1970 – Prophecy for Britain

Platforms for UK Prophecy after year 2000 onwards

Prophecies were rarely shared outside local church meetings in the UK prior to the rise of social media. Even words that were significant remained within a local church or home-group. Individuals seeking to find out what the Holy Spirit was speaking could not easily find more than a few prophetic words for the nation. Many who received such words for the nation, as I did in October 2000, could not find a platform to share with others. It took 3 years before I found a place to share and that was an International prophecy website. In 2004, encouraged by others, I launched a webpage to bring together UK national prophecy, followed by the UKpropheticwords.blogspot.com.

Around the same time Richard Barker, who had an open vision for Britain in 2004, began compiling a library of other UK national prophecies and later noticed many being fulfilled. These prophecies with their associated news-confirmation can be viewed on Richards-Watch.org.

Intercessors have been some of the most enthusiastic readers of national prophecy using Prophetic Words as a guide to praying. Prayer continues to bring Prophecy into Reality.

Key prayer points include:
  • For Christians to be raised up and thrive in the media, arts and communication skills.
  • For a generation of youth to be saved and set on fire for God.
  • Unity between the generations young and old working together in ministry.
  • For the fire of revival to be ignited.
  • For believers with an emphasis on the Word and believers with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit to come together.*

* Many have read Wigglesworth’s prophecy to mean that Christians need to have a balance between Word and Spirit and have started to embrace this concept. However, the Wigglesworth prophecy is actually indicating that two distinct groups need to fellowship together. Those with an emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit and those with a focus on preaching from the Bible need to come together. This requires the barriers of the past to come down and for Christians to genuinely value and work with each other’s gifting by coming together as one.

[The answer to the burning question as to what is holding back UK revival, is not a lack of EVANGELISM, Lack of PRAYER or Lack of Resources, but simply the remaining DIVISION between those with an emphasis on the Word of God and those with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit.]

“The glory of these days will not be a day of favour for a special group of believers” …

“As you learn to value and see me in all disciples of the true light, then the shackles that cause the blessing to be withheld will be broken.”

Geoff Pick (UK) – 8th October 2000
Prophecy: UK Apostles and Prophets Arise

© Geoffrey Pick – November 2019
Permission granted to share with acknowledgement