NO MAN can or ever will…. – Veronika West

I hear the Spirit say,..

NO MAN will stop what I have started,

NO MAN will steady what I am Shaking,

NO MAN will close what I Have opened,

NO MAN will curse what I have blessed,

NO MAN will oppose what I have favoured,

NO MAN will remove or dislodge what I have placed and positioned,

NO MAN will uproot what I have planted,

NO MAN will dismantle what I have built,

NO MAN will destroy what I have created,

NO MAN will overthrow what I have established,

NO MAN will defeat what I have accomplished,

NO MAN will halt or hinder what I am advancing,

NO MAN will break what I am restoring,

NO MAN will weaken what I have strengthened,

NO MAN will condemn what I have redeemed,

NO MAN will hold back what I have released,

NO MAN will disregard what I have approved,

NO MAN will humiliate what I have honoured,

…For He Who dares to Stand against My plans and purposes will be brought down, cut off and destroyed…

…”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end,” says the Spirit of God.

….”I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come the Almighty One.”!

Personal Footnote: ACE DECLARATION FROM THE ONE WHOM I CONSIDER AS ‘ALWAYS!’ (Whatever our personal time and location, including those of our ancestors, parents, siblings and children HE is always HERE with us).

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