Reprise of The Alamo prophetic reminder – an apology

Whilst I was writing about the Kim Clement 2008 Two Presidents Prophecy possibly relating to Derek Johnson’s highly detailed observations on Continuity of Government arrangements by President Trump, Veronika West revisited a word she’d heard almost seven weeks previously “America: remember the Alamo”.

Being almost the close-of-play before the weekend I published it with a quick remark: “I’m sure Derek Johnson in Episode 42 of Prophets & Patriots refers to the line drawn at The Alamo:”

It was a busy day and having been able to listen again (and absorb more details) I admit to being mistaken. I recall hearing somewhere last week and noting especially about a line being drawn in the sand regarding the battle at the Alamo but cannot locate it. In posting an apology on Farcebuk one of my readers suggested another interview, but as I’m pressed for time don’t recall scheduling it in.

However, I did catch up with fast scrolling through several Telegram channels, one of which from a renowned statistician reads:


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