2 thoughts on “Vision of Holy WIND of Healing in London – John Kilpatrick

  1. Hello Richard, I realize you do not have time for videos so I will highlight a few things in this attached link that I believe somehow relate to what GOD is about to do in London and the UK as a whole. Even though this is not a spiritually focussed video the underlying somber and hopeless tone points to what looks like a GOD set up. This video discussed the plan by Sunak and Hunt to raise taxes significantly and in a few years to cut social spending by a large amount. The gentleman discuss how this plan not only will not work but will actually contribute to the already devastating inflation. They also discuss how Hunt has labelled this a “Putin Recession” which would seem to acknowledge that Putin controls the welfare of the UK which if true should mean that the political leaders of the UK should be talking to Putin. They then discuss how the real problem is twofold, the damage caused by the lockdowns and now sanctions. And finally discuss how the political class has made the decision of supporting sanctions rather than the people of the UK. It is such a bleak picture that it made me think of this prophetic video and how the loss of hope in the UK is going to be used by GOD to set the stage for the fulfilling of this word. I am certain that GOD’s plan for the UK is one of a future and hope.


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