Reminder from the Lord of Donald J. Trump as His ‘Trouble-Maker’ – Veronika West

During intercession Veronika was reminded of a very detailed the Lord had given her in Jul 2021 about how Donald Trump is serving His purposes:
Our sister writes, “Here is what I heard Him say:

“For many have questioned in their hearts the relentless persecution of President Trump, saying, “Why have they hated and despised him, rejected and ridiculed him, falsely accused and lied about him, blatantly disrespected and dishonoured him, even carefully planned and plotted to remove and kill him, when he has only desired to see the greatness of the nation restored?”

I say to you Beloved, that you may say to those who have questioned these things, ”Listen! For I will tell you why!”… (click to continue as blogged here)

2 thoughts on “Reminder from the Lord of Donald J. Trump as His ‘Trouble-Maker’ – Veronika West

  1. I had a very strong impression last evening that Donald Trump was ready and able to make a move, and the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ was repeated. I was given the task to blow a trumpet and sound an alarm. I felt that He was sounding an alarm warning of Civil unrest, and potentially War. Unrest on every side, and an outpouring of the Love of God in this time also.

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    • Appreciate the sort of confirmation of when we were talking with friends over coffee y’day morning. In his 80’s our brother told about learning to play the bugle in the cadets and I sensed, and later mentioned, I belive the Lord wants him to do so in spiritual manner. So it will be good to mention your impression when we meet for men’s b/fast this Saturday 🙂


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