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[Veronika West writes] Please see also this link to the HKP Word dated June 23, 2020, a powerful word I shared recently,

America: President Trump — a Rahab for This Hour!

The Holy Spirit whispered to me, “I have given the nation of America a Rahab in President Trump in this hour!”

In the early hours of this morning my phone pinged and I saw this picture of American President Donald J Trump come up on my news-feed and immediately I heard The Spirit say, “My Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace will triumph in this nation!”

As those words echoed in my spirit, I saw an Archangel of The LORD walking beside President Trump and a blazing sword of Fire was lifted over his head and I knew by The Spirit that The Spirit of The LORD was upon him.

The red tie around his neck was immediately highlighted to me and then the story of Rahab came up before me.. where Rahab tied a line of scarlet thread in the window through which the spies had been lowered from.

Immediately The Holy Spirit quickened to me the Hebrew word ‘tikva which means…”cord, hope, expectation, things hoped for, outcome.”

The scarlet cord represents the “Lamb’s Blood.

As I began to pray, The LORD then showed me the walls of Jericho and how The LORD gave Jericho into the hands of His righteous remnant.

And it was through the willingness and obedience of Rahab, that when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down… God’s people were saved…!

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